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  1. Same here, I have no party affiliation. I'm an Independent. Always have been and always will be. But I already knew that about you. That's not what I found interesting.
  2. My prediction for the total US vote tally when it's all finished: There'll be 450+ million total votes submitted and counted. Problem is...there's only 330+ million population for the US.
  3. It's called attention to detail. I too have numerous notifications and I look at them all. I know I do...it's good you do...not sure about the people on your side.
  4. You were quoted so you should've gotten a notification. Apologies my dear, kind Sir. Btw, I do love me some tatas.
  5. Hey, I'm right behind you and practically next to you on the old part, lol. Cool deal on the tennis facility. Where? I'm hopefully going to be able to attend at least one football game in the Spring. I haven't been to Sam in a couple of years now I guess. They had some construction going on last time I was there, and it'll be interesting to see the current upgrades to the campus. I'll be taking my baby girl with me. She's been there many times before. But she's hoping to become a Bearkat in a couple of years if she's able and the circumstances work out just right. She's wante
  6. Yea, good luck with that. Try and take my guns. The TTman Family don't play that. Center Mass, baby!!! Whoo!! ☠ My yard will be flowing with...BLOOD!! BLOOD!! BLOOD MAKES THE GREEN GRASS GROW!!! (Sorry fellas...Army chant during bayonet training, lol).
  7. Looked to me like peaceful protesters, and then the Uncle Creepy bus & staff was trying to incite violence.
  8. I didn't see the game. Only going by the boxscore. Cowboys "won" a lot of the important categories...just not the Important one, the final score. I was just confused because "usually" teams win with the boxscore I saw. I may have to take another gander at it though.
  9. I definitely agree. Sam is no where near ready to be FBS in football. You're right...bottom feeders and MAYBE if things fall just right, a very low tier no-name bowl...yippee!! Nah, I'll pass. FCS is more enjoyable and fun anyway, imo. ACTUAL playoffs and a legitimate shot to be National Champions at the end of a season. I'm excited about the new football digs. Looks top notch by the renderings I've seen. Next step (hopefully), get Bowers Stadium a major upgrade. 1986? Dang...you're old. Eat 'em up, Kats!!
  10. ...I'll let ol' sfa have this I guess. Poor things. Haven't sniffed a legitimate conference championship in a while. SFA Lumberjerks..the 2020 Southland Conference Football Chumps!!
  11. I wasn't talking about a vote for Trump in my original post. I was talking about Congress. You said you lean red, yet you root for a blue Congress. You're pro-life? Today I guess. You've flipped back and forth on that lately. You argued not long ago about it's the person's choice to have an abortion. That's PRO CHOICE...not pro-life. But of course you'll deny it now. If you get your way and have a blue White House & Congress (House & Senate), you can kiss goodbye all those "freedoms" you say you lean red on.
  12. Yep that too. I just thought it was funny he said "red for sure" when asked if he leaned red or blue on most policies. He's been basically rooting for a blue White House AND Congress. That doesn't sound red leaning to me.
  13. I agree as well. As far as when, I don't think it'll be decided before Thanksgiving. Probably first week of December at the earliest.
  14. Cowboys lost, huh. What a shame. Boxscore looked kinda confusing for a loss.
  15. Apologies on my part if I was not clear enough with you. Won't happen again. You stated that you've been through way more in your life than what he and others on here can type. What in your life have you been through that you consider way more than he or other people have been through???
  16. When somebody calls you out...duh. Nice job dragging out this deflection btw.
  17. I concur. Very well said. Smart lady...even if she is from Nacogdoches.
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