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  1. Cool. Just curious. I wasn't trying to get up in your personal business or insinuate anything by the paragraph above with my questions. Family owned businesses and small businesses are great. I fully support them when I can. But I've seen some fail miserably because they load up with family that aren't qualified. But on the other hand, some do great with family.
  2. Nepotism = bad imo. But... Insinuating that this ^^^ is anything close to what ol' Uncle Creepy & crackhead Hunter did is really, really grasping at straws and that's sad. But I applaud your attempt ...not. Btw, just curious. In your company, do you currently or have you ever employed any of your family members and/or family friends? If not, would you?
  3. You've got crickets in your ? We don't need to know the intimate details of your marital relations with your wife. Keep it to yourself please. ...j/k couldn't resist, lol. I wasn't referring to Trump or Biden. Just the statement you made about you & AGNRG disagreeing on everything and he needs to bend a little and open his eyes. And I was implying that its hypocritical. That's all.
  4. Naw, tru storie. He went in to the witness protection program after the "incident". He knew too many govt secrets (JFK, moon landing, etc). Saved all that "inheritance" from the "incident". I'm good.
  5. D.B. Cooper was my father. I've been living good too with the "inheritance" he left me.
  6. Uh huh...ok. Have a glorious life Ma'am/Sir/It.
  7. I'll play this game. It's right in my wheelhouse. First-time/only offender? In which units were you incarcerated including the last one?
  8. Sex offenders are required by law to register, Ma'am/Sir/It. Just FYI of course.
  9. Ludicrous!!! He's an idiot and has no idea what it takes to take down anybody, much less a dangerous criminal. Police are trained to "stop the threat." Best way to do that is shoot "center mass" until the suspect is no longer a threat. Military trains primarily the same way. If police start attempting to shoot arms & legs, there's gonna be a lot more misses (more than already) and a lot more dead officers and innocents. Show me a psychologist or counselor that has, will, or wants to approach a dangerous (probably armed) criminal that may have a mental illness. Good luck with that.
  10. ...this is your request of him? But are you willing to take your own advice? You're basically telling him it's all his fault that you both always disagree.
  11. Lol...definitely. She/he/it needs to consult a septic specialist to get that tank emptied.
  12. Sorry, not a clue if they are practicing or not. Haven't heard anything. Wouldn't surprise me if they aren't...they're only allowing remote learning and no face-to-face....so why would sports be an exception to that. It is what it is...I hate it for the players...especially the Seniors. Yes, OC-ND is a big rivalry. Used to be a very bitter rivalry back in the day. Not as much anymore, but still a rivalry. I've experienced both sides of it.
  13. I like this guy's videos. Pretty entertaining. But...get a haircut ya darn hippie!!!
  14. Make sure you keep your registration up to date. Lawdogs will hunt you down.
  15. Ok, Cupcake. Ma'am/Sir/It, make sure you vote. Uncle Creepy Joe needs you to vote. He's definitely gonna need all the fruitcakes he can get to vote for him.
  16. Again, my apologies for offending your LGBTQ status. No offense intended ma'am/sir/it.
  17. I'm sorry Sugarbritches. You must have been offended. My sincerest apologies, ma'am! Absolutely...Trump 2020!!
  18. Don't know about football. I haven't seen or heard anything lately. The school (as of now) is supposed to open back up on Oct.26.
  19. Well, I confirmed today that there are still IDIOT voters out there. I was talking to a lady today on her property on the south side of Longview. She appeared to be in her late 50s, early 60s. She had a biden/harris sign in her yard. And she was wearing an "I voted" sticker on her shirt. Naturally, I turned the discussion to politics lol. She indicated that she voted for Biden. When I asked her why, she seemed kinda stumped for an answer. Just said she was a Democrat, was raised a Democrat, and has and will always vote Democrat. When I pressed a little further, she didn't have anyt
  20. Swamp Rats()...but I think EF makes a good showing and is competitive in this game. Hopefully the yellerjackits stay healthy. Will be a good tune-up to help them in the showdown with Waskom.
  21. Why not? YOU brought it up earlier in the thread didn't you?
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