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  1. Alexander does more with less than anybody else. Harleton rarely has first tier athletes, but he gets his boys to compete with everyone they play. I agree Traylor is a fine coach, but Gilmer has had a full cuppard of athletes to use.
  2. Haven't seen Buna but i was really impressed with hemphill's defense against harleton. They made 3-4 incredible plays in the outfield to win that series. They also have a balanced offense and hit the ball pretty weel. hemphill doesn't have a "dominate" pitcher but #3 throws tons of ground balls and let's his defense work.
  3. I like it flow... I like it a lot! 94 is some serious stuff but you are right, he better bring some offspeed stuff or it will be flying around.
  4. Hope the cats can keep the sticks alive against superior pitching.
  5. Harleton and Hughes Springs will play Thursday Night in Hughes Springs, Fridasy night at Marshall and Saturday at Gilmer if needed.
  6. Colton Knuckols from HArleton signed with ETBU.
  7. The smaller schools should love it in east texas.
  8. I didn't declare them the winner. Merely stating that i think they have a good bracket to make a run. They have deep pitching and big sticks. Obviously there are other salty clubs. I just think it sets up well for the eagles to advance since the current top ten teams (H.S. and E.F. ) are in the bottom half of the region 3 bracket and N.D. is the only current top 20 team in the top half.
  9. I like New Diana to win the region at this point. They have the better bracket.
  10. I am not sure if they are the team to beat, but they are obviously plenty salty. I know Harleton tied with them at the ore city tourney in 10 innings (harleton officially won by getting more players to 3rd apparently). I think Diana Hughes Springs EF Hemphill (and probably a few others) should be on the radar to win the region, but it is early and you have to be lucky to win baseball games at this time of the year.
  11. Harleton Wildcats : Arp (Scrimmage) Home 10:00 am Thursday, Aug. 21 TBD Friday, Aug. 28 West Rusk Pine Tree (H) 7:30 pm Friday, Sept. 5 OPEN Friday, Sept. 12 Linden-Kildare Home 7:30 pm Friday, Sept. 19 Ore City Home 7:30 pm Friday, Sept. 26 Elysian Fields* Away 7:30 pm Friday, Oct. 3 New Diana* Home 7:30 pm Friday, Oct. 10 Sabine* Away 7:30 pm Friday, Oct 17 Union Grove* Home ( HC) 7:30 pm Friday, Oct. 24 Winona* Away 7:30 pm Friday, Oct. 31 White Oak* Away 7:30 pm Friday, Nov. 7 Harmony*
  12. Elysian Fields Harleton White Oak Harmony New Diana Sabine Union Grove Winona
  13. Harleton has gone 70-32 this decade ( i think this includes a 1-9 year in 2000). By far the most success that this program has ever seen.... Obviously Tatum, Gilmer and Alto are the top of the heap. Marshall Kilgore and Longview have had pretty excellent runs as well.
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