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  1. Jacksonville has an impressive tech department, they can produce anything you want. Many schools are going that, I know Marshall is
  2. We (Jacksonville) have a YouTube channel for our broadcast. We are planning to show the games with our audio. You have to get permission from both school districts to show video, not audio. Also, we have to get our own school district supe to approve as well. this is our Lindale game https://youtu.be/09RFuEl3f64
  3. Yep! Chase was here in JVille, great coach.
  4. Jacksonville 1997 team.... 12-1, got beat by Texas City, eventual state champs, 30-28 on last 2nd field goal. We had 2 NFL players, Josh McCown and Kevin Aldridge, and 2 other D1 kids. i was standing under the goal post and I swear, it was wide right by inches, TX City sent 5 kids to UT off that team. 1974 (12-1) and 1975 (11-3), both state semi-finals lost to Cuero both years. 1960 state semifinals lost to Brownwood. We had Pete Lammons, Jets tight end on Super Bowl 3 winners, won UT national championship in 1963.
  5. Man, that field turf and logo look amazing! Wow. The whole stadium, what a transformation. Congratulations
  6. Yes, sadly for Nac.... that is correct on the points. One stop! Just one play and it’s over. 4th and 10. We get it by inches. Hence the saying.... it’s a game of inches sometimes.
  7. Good points, Nac! I agree we’ve had some amazing games. The 12 OT game in 2010 still a national “record” even though the stupid point system caused it. The 5OT game in 2013 (2012?) at TBowl was better to me because it was a legit 5 OTs. The 2016 game at Nac was a heartbreaker for the Dragons. Y’all are playoff- bound with 2:30 left in game, y’all had us 4th and 10 at our own 20. We converted by three inches (right in front of me on sideline). then Jax went the rest of the way with the winning score with a few seconds left. Just some amazing games...
  8. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Last season was last season... but when was the last time HP went 3-8? Look, I’m for ET, I hope JT beats them.
  9. As for East Texas teams, Longview will beat HP.... but JT isn’t at HP level. No disrespect to JT, just the way it is.
  10. Not just Epstein, but CNN is reporting from their “sources” that Covid-19 killed JFK, too. Too far?
  11. JAX: Palestine.... yeah.... kind of died down after Pal went 4A after AD graduated in 2004. I don’t ever recall CH as a rival. Henderson was a big rival in the 70s but not so much since then. So many of the old district rivals went 4A. Yeah, Kilgore in the early 2000s was big..... WH in mid-2000s when they were turning it around. But we dont really have any “rival” like LV/Lufkin or Gilmer /Gladewater.
  12. We played Gilmer home and home a couple of times in the last 15 years and I spotted that same brick there. Not at the stadium, just several places in town
  13. We scrimmaged Marshall at the old stadium in 1977 when I was a senior. I thought we only had that kind of rock at Tomato Bowl. I was pretty sheltered..., it’s everywhere!
  14. We will play football in the Fall. Period.
  15. My age, Class of 1978. We (JVille) played against Kelly and CH all three years we were both on our respective varsity teams. He was a catcher, really good player. Played against him in football, too. His Dad Gil was the CH coach. Yes, his brother is Kevin. Sad, what a tragedy.
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