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  1. Full live stream of game with our commentary here or at JHS-sports.com https://youtu.be/KXYEq5Q2g8Y
  2. 2pm. School is closed tomorrow’s due to hurricane but they posted they are still coming to Tomato Bowl on Saturday
  3. This is my 39th year broadcasting Jacksonville football. No doubt, it has been a tough decade for ‘Jacksonville. I will say, however, the 80s was a pretty bad decade for ‘Jacksonville as I broadcasted the games then, too. The 1970s were great. Then the 1990s arrived and the run went to 2010 or so. @LoboFan07 and @Cat51993I’ve been following high school football since the early 1970s and what I know is every program has its cycles. Sure, some towns never seem to have a down cycle like Longview, Carthage, Lufkin, Gilmer, etc. Jax will be back, some good classes coming. Unfortunately,
  4. Surprise: Texas High destroying JT. I know JT is down, but the 41-21 score doesn’t really reflect how THigh really dominated that game. I watched it and THigh looks really good. Disappointment: Jax gave up two safeties in a 3 min span after leading 12-0 that just took the wind out of our sails. Jax can score, just have to cut out those pieces of the game that costs them wins. Beating yourself happens just as much as someone beating you. Head Scratcher: Anyone surprised by Marshall beating New Caney like that. 9-5A D2 is going to be much improved this year.
  5. Nederland comes to Tomato Bowl the next week for a Saturday 2pm game.
  6. Watched some of it. JT will be fine, always have athletes. Good luck this year!
  7. JT fans, I told you PT is pretty good. I know it’s just a scrimmage ....
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