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  1. Wow. Just wow. Maybe I need to clean my ears out.
  2. Yes, I started talking about this in 2003…. 18 years ago. That was the first time I ever heard another team using the N-word on our players. Amazingly, White House also has African-Americans on their team and they have for a long time. I just don’t see how that was tolerated. It was always after the play, like when they were getting up. I’ve heard the student chants as well. However, I must say that when Adam Cook took over as head football coach and Randy Copeland took over as Athletic Director, that stuff stopped on the field — and I’m right there, I hear it all. Maybe other folks stil
  3. As always, it’s about turnovers. Neither team, nor anyone else in our district except THigh, is good enough to win with a bunch of turnovers. Marshall has played much tougher schedule, got to go with the Mavs.
  4. These guys do a real nice job
  5. Hmmmm, I have no idea
  6. Starting a new thread, but just wanted everyone to see the old Fox app has been restored! Download it again. Thanks @MattStepp
  7. The old app is baaaaaack!! Just downloaded
  8. Yes!! Well said.
  9. To me, it isn’t how the house they grew up in…. It’s society, what the league does, what “some” coaches allow, etc… kids will do what is expected of them. I’m not saying a kid can’t celebrate… just don’t taunt. Don’t point. Don’t talk trash. Don’t cheap shot after the play is over. I saw Crandalls best player do a LeBron flop the other night as he grazed one of our players. Got up yelling for a flag with his arms up. Just bull. I’m yanking him out if I see that. Again, appreciate the topic and everyone’s opinion.
  10. I do not believe in ANY taunting. Don’t point in the air at the 15, etc… Our players, their players, it doesn’t matter. Penalize them. I don’t care how old they are, it’s about respect. Some of you don’t agree and that’s fine, just my opinion Yes, the Crandall kid clearly taunted our player. Bush league, act like you’ve done it before. The NFL has definitely been a NEGATIVE influence. In a lot of ways. I saw something really refreshing the other night on Thursday. JVille was hosting Crandalls JV. One of ‘Jacksonville’s running backs got pounded by a Crandall LB. Our RB had
  11. Dang… these write ups by @LoboFan07and @Mavchampare just ridiculously amazing.
  12. Yeah, it does have problems…. but it is free, you know? So I’m going to give it a chance to get better. I believe @MattSteppis working to fix it. I’ve used it for many years to do scores during our halftime and postgame so I hope everyone will be patient and give it a chance to get fixed. I also think the chat room is 75% toxic and 25% good discussions. Just flag stuff that’s bad, it’s easy.
  13. Jacksonville jhs-sports.com or Our youtube channel
  14. Hmmmm, well, I don’t see that because it’s hard enough to get the 6-8 team districts they want. That means all schools would have to drop at the same rate and that isnt gonna happen with all the schools in Texas. What if one HS loses 100 students and another one doesn’t? How does that work? I see what you’re saying but it would really mess up the teams they want in each district.
  15. Jax had 1211 first day. 1229 was last cutoff I believe. UIL usually adds 25-50 so looking that way for JaX to go 4A.
  16. God bless his family.
  17. Dang! What a shame Braxton is out. Beast of a player, sorry.
  18. Hey Mike!! You were a great player for us.
  19. Kind of both… but mainly numbers are dropping. UIL usually bumps 25-50 as well… but mainly our numbers look to be down based on what I’m hearing for the coming snapshot.
  20. JAX will most likely drop to 4A in Feb 2022…. thank goodness.
  21. No he isn’t. This is what’s wrong. Name calling over stuff and stats that are constantly changing. He’s right on tests. I had Covid in May 2020. Bad. Test said negative. My doctor just shook his head. 8 days of fever, couldn’t breathe, had to use an inhaler every night, whole deal. Is it real? Yes!! No doubt. They told us get vaxxed so you don’t get it. 90% efficacy, etc…Then they change to oh you can get it, if you get vaxxed but it’s not as bad. What’s next? No food at the store unless you can prove you’re vaxxed. By the way, still no FDA approval. Why? Is it money? Yep, always follow the mo
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