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  1. Yeah, Daimion Collins of Atlanta is headed to Kentucky... I’m sure I have missed a few D1s but you’re right, gotta be less than 10. Yep, Tyus was a grown man in 10th grade when I saw him for the first time in a BBall game at Jacksonville. Danny Long was still AD in Tyler and when we were taking before the game, I said “Good Lord, Danny, who is that freak?” He laughed and said that kid will play in the league some day. Correct on that call.
  2. 100% agree with @Anti and @Mavchamp. I’ve been saying this for a long time. Hard to name even 3 major D1 basketball players out of East Texas in last 20 years. Two of them from Nac about 15 or so years ago. By the way, I was still officiating high school and college basketball in 1992 when Longview won the state championship. I had Longview four times that year, they had Bobby Taylor, what a team coached by the late great Leroy Romines. I may get push back on this... but the same thing is really true about East Texas 5A football. Ennis won it in 2015 (2014?) if you call that East Te
  3. Sulphur Springs beats Jacksonville 59-51. Key to 2nd half is Jax missed a lot free throws and SS made theirs.
  4. BI-DISTRICT Sulphur Springs vs. Jacksonville 7:30 PM Monday Feb 22nd @ Hallsville High School
  5. Jacksonville boys beat WH by 9 in WH to take final playoff spot.
  6. His Dad, Bum, coached here in Jacksonville in 1957 for one year and went 3-6-1. Wade went one year to our East Side Elementary and unfortunately broke his leg on the playground. Not a memorable experience for him.
  7. Jacksonville boys beat Tyler HS by 4 or 5... I left in the last seconds. Had a 15 point lead at one point in 3rd. Jax goes to 2-1 in district,
  8. Excellent! Thanks, David I’ll check it out!
  9. Hmmm... didn’t know that. I’m sure he will be there if he can.
  10. Questions: 1. Where does Mrs. Todd Dodge sit? 2. What school colors do the grandkids wear? .
  11. It reminds of when the NCAA had their blackout and only allowed ABC to do one "Game of the Week" in the 1970s when I was growing up. Their reasoning was it would affect attendance of games. They could not have been more wrong! This is all changed in 1984 when the TV contracts started multiplying across the various conferences. Attendance actually went up. Again, I just think if the UIL came up with a reasonable $$ amount kickback to them, they would should allow these. @MattStepp, who would you recommend contacting at the UIL to lobby for this? I have talked to a couple of broadcast crews that
  12. I just hope the UIL allows home team streams to continue. We had so many viewers, we’d pay them a cut. That’s all they want. The problem with the playoffs I listened to is the commentators just weren’t familiar with the teams. And the camera work wasn’t very good in several games I saw.
  13. What a team. We (Jax) played Carthage that year in Carthage the first year of the new stadium. Wasn’t close, Smith ran all over us. That was the beginning...
  14. Crosby will need FBM to turn the ball over to win. Otherwise, FBM by 14.
  15. With respect to making predictions, I always rely on the “ifs”. If the team with the better record doesn’t have turnovers, dropped passes, get penalties, miss extra points, miss tackles, etc.... I say they will win. But a 7-5 team will beat a historically good team in the playoffs team every time if that team with the history does those things mentioned above against the team with a worse record. Who they played in non district or district or how deep they always go in the playoffs do have some validity. But....FBM didn’t make mistakes and that’s why they crushed Nederland. I don’t know the s
  16. Man! Love this David. First time I’ve seen it. I had a very similar experience here in Jacksonville moving here in the middle of my sophomore year from North Garland. Totally agree with the impact part. It’s one of the reasons I have stayed so close to our program here with the coaches and the kids. Just finished my 39th year broadcasting the games. Coaches matter. Teachers matter. I go to practice almost everyday after I leave my office, same practice field I was on 44 years ago... My last season was 1977, a year behind you. This was a great read, brought back tons of similar feelings, thanks
  17. THIS is what’s wrong with America right now.
  18. Pulling for Lindale but I felt like this would get ugly quick
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