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  1. Nice to see the Tigers getting comfortable with the new system. Hopefully it can continue into district.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Hopefully the Tigers will have continued success in rebuilding now that the deadweight is gone.
  3. Tigers hopefully find their stride and get things turned around.
  4. Hilarious If jumped is the same as someone walking the plank on a pirate ship then you got it right.
  5. Wasn't this PG vs ark high thread? T High should be better than PG. Totally different animal. Maybe not this year, but most years should be. As far as PG vs hogs I'll go with the Hawks. No reason to believe PG doesn't pick up right where they left off last year and no sign yet that the hogs don't either. Nothing moving across state line to help that.
  6. Good news for norton, if he loses in the first round this year iit will be In the state semi final game... 2010 - Loss 26-17 vs John Tyler 2011 - Loss 46-14 vs John Tyler 2012 - Loss 40-23 vs Sherman 2013 - Loss 26-13 vs McKinney North 2014 - Loss 58-23 vs John Tyler 2015 - Loss 48-21 vs John Tyler 2016 - Loss 30-27 vs West Mesquite Yep. And 2006 since they've been past the 2nd.
  7. May take a while to get new system down and I wish the Tigers the best. Certainly will be better program than what they had. Athletes galore there for years. Some were run off and some walked the halls.
  8. I by no means cheer for Dallas but I have no idea what or how thts not called a catch . Thts a joke — Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) January 11, 2015
  9. i definitely do not agree with the call. he caught it and lunged toward the goal. they even said he didn't lunge enough? would dallas have scored if we kept the ball? probably. would we have been able to hold the packers? maybe. as previously stated, i would've liked to had the chance. one call can't cost the boys the game, but it sure hurt their chances at that juncture. i had the boys going 6-10 or 8-8 so the season was a huge success in that aspect. got tired of joe buck and his constant anti dallas remarks. does the same thing with the rangers. i think demarco has played his last down as
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