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  1. Romo reverses roles and Dallas wins against the Titans. Romo = 3 TD passes instead of interceptions. Murray gets another 100 yards ... 2 games in arrow. Dallas over Titans, 28-20.
  2. J.J. Watt's always got his engine in 5th gear. Great player .. trying to get better. That's not a bad combination.
  3. Tough to follow a great selection. :) Oregon .. Florida State .. Baylor .. Alabama. And yes, the key game is Oklahoma vs Baylor.
  4. Will the "O" coach open up the offense for Swoops? Might as well, since there's nothing to lose at this point. Swoops just might surprise the Horns and their fans. I was expecting Jonathan Gray to explode by this point. Maybe today. I'm still taking UCLA in a semi-close one. Oh .... I wish the Cowboys would do SOMETHING to get back to the name Cowboy stadium instead of Jerry's World.
  5. Bad nickname. But from the first two games I've seen, the guy can run the Sumlin offense. Of course, a ton of good receivers and a ton of good running backs, along with that "O" line doesn't hurt. Now ... if only the defense will continue to play with a little fire.
  6. Got to listen to the SMU vs Baylor game on 92.1. There'll be 10 more of these on radio for the SMU advertisers. I heard on sports radio yesterday evening that things had started downhill between him and the administration after the Arizona St. game a few years ago. What's the story on that? I pulled for June Jones and the Ponies, but things seemed to go south.
  7. What a first game, with the Cowboy "D" getting 5 turnovers and special teams getting the other one. However, Manning still burnt them some, and had a chance to drive the field for the winning TD when the running back had the ball bounce off his back hand and go directly to the Cowboy dback for a TD. I'm going with the "D" doing a better job overall on "D", even though they'll have less turnovers gained, and Dallas winning 27-14. I think they'll be 2-0 at the end of the day on Sunday
  8. So much for the "healthy, complete" Cowboy running game. Murray's down with an ankle injury and is out for the year. And Jones runs well .... but the fumbles .....
  9. Did the backup center miss his block on that missed FG? The rusher came right up the middle. But it's the time-out rule I don't like. The post game show mentioned that the rule be changed to only players on the field could call timeout in the last two minutes. That might allow the offense to see the TO called and not waste the kicking effort.
  10. That may be, but what concerns me is two things .. (1) The Cowboys are going the wrong direction in December (does that sound familiar?) Two straight games of blowing games late, against the Cardinals and tonight against the Giants. (2) The Cowboys haven't beaten only one good team, the 49'ers. They've lost to the Jets, Patriots, Lions (at the time). A sales manager once told me something that stuck ... "don't tell me about the pain; just show me the baby". Well, Cowboys ... where's the baby? And yeah .. this one hurt as a fan.
  11. Note to Tony Romo. You are so #*$$%(^ frustrating to watch play. Like a sales manager used to say at work ... "don't tell me about the pain, show me the baby". Well, Tony .. game's over, and I still don't see any baby. And I wonder why I tape the game .. and only listen to it on the radio. This is the reason.
  12. Looks like North Idaho IS the real deal. Beats undefeated Pensacola (#1 in the nation)in the semis .... then beats 2-loss TVCC (#3 in the nation) in the finals. I'd never have thought it would happen; but hey, that's why the game is played on the court.
  13. TCU and Boise State will get some good news this weekend. Undefeated list decreases by at least three teams: (1) 7-0 #2 Oregon gets beat by USC. (2) 8-0 #5 Mich State gets beat by Iowa. (3) 7-0 #6 Missouri gets beat by Nebraska. That will leave Auburn, Boise State, TCU, and Utah as the only undefeated teams remaining. And later in the year: (4) #1 Auburn loses to Alabama. (5) Utah loses to TCU ..... that leaves Boise State and TCU as the only undefeated teams. HOWEVER, ... look for Alabama to run the table and reach the BCS championship. ... the other team????? TCU .... Boise State .... could it happen????????????????? At least the undefeated teams are dropping off the table to their benefit. That list will decrease this weekend. 2010 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 9 (Oct. 24) Year: 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Week: Preseason | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 Poll: All USA Today Coaches' Poll AP Top 25 Harris Poll Legends Poll BCS StandingsConference Rankings ESPN.com Power Rankings ESPN.com Bottom 10 ESPNU Fan Rankings Add Widget BCS Standings RK TEAM RECORD 1 Auburn 8-0 2 Oregon 7-0 3 Boise State 6-0 4 TCU 8-0 5 Michigan State 8-0 6 Missouri 7-0 7 Alabama 7-1 8 Utah 7-0 9 Oklahoma 6-1 10 Wisconsin 7-1
  14. Don't have enough money to take the family to the WS games in Arlington this weekend, but I'd like to go to Arlington and get a WS program for a souvenir.
  15. Looks like Flip Bondy of the NY Post needs to find a new day job. His "crystal ball" business is a flop.
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