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  1. If he goes to Oklahoma State... he steps on campus and is immediately the next Dez Bryant. On top of that he spends every day in amazing facilities and top notch housing. If he goes to OU or UT he is competing for a job. Personally, I think he should have to compete for his job.. it would make him better in the long run, but try looking at it from the eyes of an 18 year old. They dont care anymore about tradition. They care about what is flashy and nice and has nike on it. So if Texas, OU, and Oklahoma State all have flashy, nice, and nike... but he can come in and immediately be the go-
  2. I haven't posted in the high school section in quite a while... but I am feeling very let down by you Tatum fans. Every year on Smoaky this is the game where there is a solid 15-20 pages of good clean trash talking. I'm tired of the politically correct "we may get rolled but we will play hard." Step your game up.
  3. Texas A&M Texas Texas Tech Baylor University of Oklahoma Oklahoma State Kansas State Kansas Missouri Nebraska Colorado Seattle Seahawks San Diego Chargers Arizona State Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas Troy Georgia Houston Shreveport Reliant Cotton Bowl Sam Houston State Montana State Southern Utah UL Lafayette Northwestern State Stephen F. Austin Austin College After this year I will complete the Big 12 once I hit up Iowa State..
  4. so I take it every one on here assumes OU is going to just roll into Stillwater and win?
  5. I know he struggled at times but come on. he is a tremendous athlete and he has a great future in front of him. and who are you kevnasty?? are you drooling because the guy that probably torched your daingerfield tigers had a rough night? get over yourself.
  6. keep your head up buddy. you were the guy your team went to last week to shut down dez bryant and you did your job. you will have MANY bright times ahead as a longhorn.
  7. I guess OSU had no place beating K-State either huh? Remember as bad as OSU's defense was.. Texas Tech's was 4 points worse. The Cowboys play their best ball at home and host a very beatable Texas team and Kansas team in the next two weeks followed by a trip to Waco. It is very possible to see the Big 12 south decided thanksgiving weekend in Norman.
  8. Is there not a radio link accessible through the gilmer football website? I tried opening the Listen Now link and it just opens a blank page.
  9. On the full top 25 list Celina is ranked 20th (i think) right ahead of Highland Park
  10. I dont think its that hard to see HOW Gilmer got ranked like that but I see no problem in everyone disagreeing with it. Like everyone is saying yes they are undefeated and they are a very good 3A school but how do you compare them to 5A schools? My guess is recruits. There are 2 kids from Gilmer playing in the Army All American game. Not the Oil Bowl. The big one. Every year Gilmer sends numerous kids to D-1 schools. Big D-1 at that... Texas, OU, A&M, K-State. Could it be a product of the system? Sure why not.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if it is a product of t
  11. if you scheduled Atlanta and Tatum and a team from Louisiana who is supposed to be one of the better private schools... would you think that is easy scheduling? Come on it's not like they scheduled slappy teams in non-district. And they did scrimmage Kilgore.
  12. oklahoma state is in the mix with one loss in conference play and so is OU. so Tech finishes with Missouri, Baylor, Colorado, Texas, and OU. Which ones are home and away? Who does A&M and OU have left? OSU has K-State (home), Texas (home), Kansas (home), Baylor (away), OU (away).
  13. O ya how dare the NCAA do anything harsh at all to a team with the caliber of OU. They bring in way too much money to punish too hard. You know if a team like Arkansas State did the exact same thing the NCAA would destroy them. It will be interesting to see how hard USC gets hit now
  14. revenge has been the motivation for tatum against gilmer since 2002 :D
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