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  1. Not in denial, but it seems you are. you are trying to make a comparison on Gilmer and everyone knew Gilmer #### this year. I would have thought that PG would have kept them scoreless but that didn't happen.
  2. Silsbee is a great team loaded with talent and speed with some size so they wont be a pushover like most the teams up North east Texas way.
  3. I don't recall Silsbee playing Spring Hill, maybe Smithville and they won 52 to 13 don't see your point,
  4. maybe in North east Texas Homer, but believe me the Rest of Texas knows better.
  5. No not at all. I will let you witness it with your own two eyes.
  6. Thanks a lot Hear em Growl. No doubt about it PG team was ready to play. Hope it’s not a one hit wonder. That Coach they have sure appears to be the Real thing. He knows where to give thanks! Look forward to keeping my eyes on them next year. A lot of good athletes!
  7. Congratulations to the PG team and fan base!! You have now obtain the title β€œ you are the man!” Great coach you all have their. He is a humble man who put his team on a mission! WOS was outmatched yesterday! Again congrats on an unbelievable year! Where is my plate of crow!!lol
  8. Congrats to an Unbelievable Team. Carthage you have the total package!!
  9. Game day!! All the talk will be settled today. Looking for a BIG day for the Mustangs! Bring it home!!
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