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  1. 20 hours ago, blackflag79 said:

    He's a WO-S fan.  He is in denial about how good 4A football is in Northeast Texas.  I'm pretty sure Wimberley will have plenty to say about whether Silsbee stays in the picture or not.  Personally, I don't think there's another 4A-D2 team that can come close to beating PG if the Hawks bring it like they did against us.  We are familiar foes, and anybody in their right mind knew we would have to play near perfect to have any chance.  The other teams left have no idea, quite honestly.  Everybody is confident until they get punched in the mouth.:woot:

    Not in denial, but it seems you are. you are trying to make a comparison on Gilmer and everyone knew Gilmer #### this year.  I would have thought that PG would have kept them scoreless but that didn't happen. 

  2. 21 hours ago, Hawknation03 said:

    Props to Silsbee for a heck of a win last week. To make a statement that they will beat PG is bold. I would be concerned with Wimberly right now. Just as PG is all about Greenwood right now. The question was who is the best bet to win state. In other words if you had to put your life savings on a team to win state who would you put it on? You may not win but who has the best odds? Its not Silsbee.

    Silsbee is a great team loaded with talent and speed with some size so they wont be a pushover like most the teams up North east Texas way.

  3. 12 hours ago, CreateMyAccount said:

    After seeing Spring Hill play PG, and Spring Hill play Silsbee, I would have to say that PG would easily beat Silsbee.

    I don't recall Silsbee playing Spring Hill, maybe Smithville and they won 52 to 13  don't see your point,

  4. Congratulations to the PG team and fan base!! You have now obtain the title “ you are the man!”  Great coach you all have their. He is a humble man who put his team on a mission!  WOS was outmatched yesterday!  Again congrats on an unbelievable year!  Where is my plate of crow!!lol

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  5. 20 minutes ago, PGDad said:

    But...I will expand on my thought...

    I know it's bold but from what I have watched, I don't think WOS has a counter for our offense. If I could rephrase my comment. I think it would be shocking if WOS holds PG to ONLY 38.

    I cant hardly wait for Friday to get here so I can look back at all these post from PG dad and Hawk888 or whatever and remind them of how insane their post are.  I mean you would think that PG got their offense straight from God! for crying out loud it a wing T special wing T blah blah blah. PG is making it easy for the Chain Gang Defense!

  6. 16 minutes ago, PGDad said:

    Well, I've watched some game video and some highlights.

    PG 38

    WOS no more than 21, probably less.



    What's up with this Chain Gang nickname? I don't get it. Doesn't a Chain Gang move the chains? Aren't defenses supposed to stop the chains from moving? We've been called the Blackhawk D, Black Plague D, Hawk Headhunters, Fat Boy Gang, etc Someone please explain...

    WOS is going to have a hard time stopping our front 7 all game. The big boys up front don't get tired like ya'll are used to and as the game goes on, they will wear your O line out and cause too much trouble for yall to pull out the W. Our secondary should be fine, I dont think yall will make it to them very much anyways. I think size matters in this case, WOS doesn't have the size to keep up.

    No doubt WOS is a good team and the test will come Friday. We are up to the task and then some. 


    You have completely lost your ever loving mind!losing mind.png

  7. 21 minutes ago, Hawknation03 said:

    That's your opinion. Guess you think PG has not earned the right to be here. They beat and I mean "Beat" the teams they faced. They are the best team to compete against WOS. None of this #### translates into a win for either team. Why not talk about PG VS WOS instead. The stat and record talk is old. There are some great match ups in this game. Both teams stop the run well, both teams seem to have trouble at time defending the pass. For me it comes down to who has the better passing attack. PG is favored in the passing game. Not knocking WOS but from what I have seen they are not vey good at passing the football. This should be a dog fight! Possibly the most competitive game in all of the finals!

    I was responding to one of your homies about WOS and his statement about them barely winning their games. Oh I forgot. It's ok to talk about WOS schedule but don't talk about PG's schedule. Smdh

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  8. 37 minutes ago, Bull82 said:

    You can't go on stats.  I'm just going by the caliber of teams PG has man handled vs the caliber of teams WOS has barely gotten by.

    Well first of all the teams in the last three weeks that WOS barely got by as you say would give PG a run for their money. And WOS would be looking at another competitor besides PG

  9. 41 minutes ago, Golfingnut said:

    I remember it well. It was on page 7 & although I was clarifying what another poster said, I admit I took the first shot. Of course we could always go back and see how many shots you took at others in the first 7 pages. I think you outnumbered me significantly. 

    No shots. Feel free to waste your time. 

  10. 52 minutes ago, Golfingnut said:

    Coming from a great family and being respected by many is wonderful, but when you hide behind a screen name, bash other teams and ridicule and call others names, you are a THUG!!! Easy to bully people when you are hiding behind a fake name.

    Hold up. I think you were the one who started making comments about me and some blow up device. Boy you have a short memory!! I see you have no problem hiding behind your fake name. I get it as long as you do it, then it perfectly fine but when other do it you cry foul! Lmao!

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