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  1. would you care to quote me on my ridicule! I call it the truth, something you have a hard time understanding!
  2. I'm starting to like you Lion 70. And that is scares me
  3. Competition usually gets a little tougher as you move on unless you were fortunate to play in a weak region 1 and 2
  4. I could see Wimberly or Madisonville or Salado taking PG down. Be glad it's a down year for Region 1 and 2.
  5. Ever since I been on this site you guys have talked trash about me and the WOS Mustangs. I don't care who you are I will have something to say back. And yes most of you act like thugs at times. Its all good though cause it will be the same next year except with a different competitor.
  6. You guys are grasping for anything that makes you feel good. What if I told ya "there is always next year"
  7. you sound like a broken record with this special wing T, are you sure its not chicken wing
  8. I believe its the left hand corner but hey you can call it your right hand if you want.
  9. Watched Lincoln play in state tournament years ago. They were unbelievable.
  10. WOS fans know that this is a hornets nest for anyone who disagrees with you all. It's ok. I'm not going nowhere
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