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  1. The Mustangs of West Orange Stark is for Real!! the soph QB has taken the horse by the reins and is leading the high powered offensive to their best finish in years!! With the help of RB's and the WR, WOS will be hard to stop. The CHAIN GANG defense is back at it again eliminating the opponents to few points, and hardly getting a chance to get to their pay dirt! WOS rolls over LG to meet Gilmer if they can hang on! Roll on WOS !!!!!!
  2. Jasper is a quality ball club who lost a couple of games this year by freak accident! Center! HJ! Other than that WOS is the real deal so we can understand that loss. Henderson will get punched directly in the kisser come Friday night! Jasper drops Henderson like a bad habit! Jasper by 14pts
  3. Jasper rolls this week, just like last week!
  4. WOS chain gang defense can stop Gilmer but I guess we will have to wait and see! See you at Jerry's world
  5. smoakey.com welcomes West Orange stark Fans to the site! don't underestimate LCM, sleeping giant! carthage is not even close to being the same team as last year! Honestly I see carthage winning this one by small amount, so another words Carthage will be two and through!
  6. Don't you have some cracklins to tend to! LCM in a upset!
  7. Jasper is a lot better team than what they showed at the beginning of the season when they lost to HJ and Center! The Bulldogs from Jasper will be tough for Kilgore to beat. I will take Jasper by 10pts
  8. Buna big and physical! Run, run, and Run
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