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  1. Had to take a break and air up my date tonightBut she looks a heck of a lot better than Golfnuts!
  2. That's a good one. Your one of those internet bullies aren't you.
  3. You come on hear talking up your hawks like they Deserve the respect. Last years squad was .500. And this year they managed to be undefeated. You better be happy for that Now if they win I will be the first to congratulate them but until then. Your just blowing smoke
  4. I'm sorry respect is earned and you and your PG fans need to learn that!
  5. I would love to meet with you in person to discuss my lack of but then again by the looks of you it wouldn't be worth my time!
  6. That's just your opinion. We will let THSCA Make that determination!
  7. Dude. I'm far from little unless you consider 6'4" and 285 as little! you may not like us but you will respect us come Friday evening!
  8. Congrats to your son. This should be a great contest! WOS will leave it all on the field just like PG. my only advice would be to buckle up one more notch on the chin strap cause it fixing to get physical!! Good luck to your son!
  9. PG will be just like the Texans! "Which way did he go" oh their he went!
  10. Yea we all saw what happened the first half of the 2014 SC. It was all WOS and then they let up and Gilmer came back and beat them the 2 me half. No cake walk for Gilmer. But hey whatever you want to believe Your opinion is irrelevant
  11. He can sling it if need be but the need hadn't been there. I guess you will find out come fridayFriday
  12. man next Friday going to be a wake up call for those big ole east Texas boys. i think Celina or sweetwater had some big lineman too. Big and soft! Gonna get punch in the mouth is what's fixing to go down!
  13. Didn't say they were a pushover. But what I did say is they are not better than WOS
  14. It should be titled PG and a team who has won the last two championship and will make their 4 th straight appearance. Who has NO chance of beating PG!
  15. I have not needed to eat crow because my team has won and continues to win.
  16. Lovin every minute of this thread. Especially about the Big 300# lineman and how PG will control both sides of the ball. And how PG runs the perfect wing T and all that other noise. What's going to be funny is when the chain gang defense absolutely wears your front line completely out.
  17. WOS might only score 14 but PG won't get past 13. Last time I checked to win you at least need to be ahead by 1 pt or more at the end of regulation
  18. Care to quote me on that. Last year WOS would have breezed through any 4A DI and most 5A so you could be right
  19. Phesant Grove will only see the heels of Chaka as he bolts to the end zone.
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