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  1. This right here is hilarious! Glad to see some humor in all of this! You still upset over that thrashing of Celina!
  2. Believe me there has been plenty of crow for you East Texas guys to eat the last 3 years. The plate is getting full! This year the special is PGbird well done!
  3. Okay lucky for us. When Kennedale beats Carthage then what? I don't come on here looking to make friends. It's a football forum. Not everybody agrees with everybody especially someone from SETX. And that doubles up when your a WOS fan! All I can say is get over it!
  4. We will get to see that matchup also. So we can see who got it wrong again!!
  5. Lion70. I'm trying to educate the uneducated but my patience is running thin.
  6. You change your picks like most people change their shorts!
  7. That's your problem. You try thinking too much and it puts a strain on the brain!
  8. PG reminds me of that year Gladewater had everybody attention only to finally meet up with some real competition and they get shutdown.
  9. This guy. Wow! Kennedale not impressive!! This really takes the cake. I look for them to beat Carthage! WOS took care of them though!
  10. That's all you need when you play in that weak region. As for as WOS QB he blow past your slow lineman. I will continue to let you talk cause come Friday of next week it will be quite embarrassing for PG to get shutdown!
  11. Boy your hate is obvious dude. Bigger division? We best Kennedale and they stroked stephenville. What else you want. Maybe we can schedule 6A next year for ya.
  12. Really. That's all you got! Your angry inner self is kind of scary. Don't you have. WOS voodoo doll you can play with.
  13. I might need to take ya up on it early hate for you to back out when things turn ugly for ya after halftime. You don't honestly think your PG team is going to be able to run the ball do you. Wimberly got lucky on a couple of passes. Their big RB didn't fare well!
  14. Yes you were wrong about Kennedale also. I know it's a WOS thing.
  15. Wimberly JV team would give your PG birds a run for their money! They don't give refunds at Jerrys world on the ticket price so better play it safe and watch it in TV
  16. Haven't you learned your lesson Lion70. You been hating on WOS for years and you been wrong every time just like to tonight so STHU
  17. With that Wing T offense? Lmbo. Go back to playing your madden football. PG loses!
  18. Yes indeed! It should be interesting! To all you other homies watching your junior homies play basketball. " maybe next year!
  19. im just thinking about your prediction and how wrong.you been the last 4 years pertaining to WOS. Jealoudy maybe or just aupset your still living in momma basement!
  20. Great win for the Mustangs. Missed several opportunities to score inside the 20. More lopsided than what the score showed. Second half was all Mustangs. Like usual after halftime other teams struggle to get their offense going I love looking back at everyone who thought Wimberley was gonna win. Get ready PG. Big Daddy coming to the dance!
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