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  1. Lmbo. I doubt they score 14 with that wing T or whatever you call it. WOS chain gang will shove the ball down their offenses throat!
  2. Wait a minute. You want someone to make a comment and then you want to say I'm wrong. You been wrong all year. Go away!
  3. Ok let's here it! Back to Jerrys world fools!
  4. I'm not worried about Wimberly. The chain gang defense will control that game while the offense does their thing! I.will post the updates
  5. I love seeing PG beat their chest. They managed to get through the 2 nd weakest region In the state and then played the weakest region in the state to make it to the SC game! Congrats!
  6. All I can say congrats on your win and make sure you tune in tonight!
  7. Good luck to both Teams. Wish I could pick it up here in setx
  8. PG hasn't played anyone yet to speak of! I can't wait to see what happens tonight but just for kicks and giggles I hope PG can get passed Graham so WOS can show what a true Champion looks like and plays like. Your cracking me up with this elite program you all mustard up this year. It laughable but entertaining to say the least!
  9. How you figure? I sure as heck didn't see them in the title game last year or the year before that. Heck don't think I have even seen them or heard of them before that. Its almost humorous to have someone say they are the Best team in 4A DII when they haven't even been competing for the title until this year. Cinderella story for sure but the wicked witch from the southeast will have something to say about that.
  10. From what I have seen and read, heck everybody but PG is lucky to be in the final four. Even though WOS is on a 39 game winning streak and also the reigning champs in 4A DII in 2015 and 16 its just a fluke that we are still here! I just hope everybody from WOS has their lucky rabbits foot on them the next two weeks!
  11. Graham is the favorite over PG. I guess Other people don't believe the hype either! WOS will take care of Wimberly by at least 14 to 17 points. It will be Graham vs WOS in Jerrys world!
  12. You would if they had been SC in 2015,2016 and be in the final four this year.
  13. you sound like PG in the finals is a given! Cant wait until Thursday to root on Graham! your story tale season ends this Thursday at Frisco!!
  14. You must have watched it with your rose colored glasses on cause Salado had 170 total offense with 5 first downs. Now what were you spewing!!
  15. There you go again with the IF. You people are something else.
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