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  1. Poll please Can NB pull out another win?? I think so, NB by 12
  2. Hell, why not?? Who ya got? Poll please.
  3. Bro, It's a cool story and 100% agree. and I'm talking mess too!
  4. well that's good! looks like NB could go on a win streak
  5. WELP, THATS IT! The stats are in, according to this NB shouldn't even show up, they done lost according to history.
  6. NB pulls out the win this week. They been playing too hard not to get a win this season. I think, if they pull off the win, Jeff and WO better look out, they could take those wins too!
  7. Guess they mad! Onside kick a game your scheduled to win by 50+ anyway
  8. NB just needs to come out of this one with no injuries!
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