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  1. Well, ATL can get there luck another night and not against NB!
  2. If the same NB team shows up that played GW, they’ll take the win!
  3. Battle of the District winless, who’ll be the first to get the coveted win?! New Boston by a TD
  4. Just make the drive, see the new turf!!
  5. If NB comes out playing the way they did with GW and hangs in there with Tatum, win or lose, I believe they'll could win out. We'll have ATL, Jefferson, WO left and have a couple key players back from injury that will help with depth.
  6. well, he's playing QB, so that's means he's a QB! LOL
  7. Burns is fast and explosive but Allen is faster... Sorry @kooldown54 can't agree with ya on this one. But i will say, Burns is LIGHT YEARS more accurate throwing the football
  8. See the difference in NB, we know our program is struggling and trying to rebuild with no chance of a district title, state title or possibly any title but you folks in GW and Tatum have pipe dreams of a title, with all the stats so far, tougher opponents, ect. In reality, sure you'll make the playoffs and might win the first round, and a big MAYBE 2nd but that'll be it, your dreams will be crushed, like every year!!
  9. This statement has some weight to it cause, lets be honest, most teams will chalk NB's game up to a sure win. At some point this is going to prove costly for that/those said teams. I'm not saying this will happen with GW but it sure could, if they come in looking past NB. NB's offense went from Dr. Jekel to Mr. Hide in the second half against Sabine, which still has everyone scratching their heads, as in, why didn't this happen in the first half?? So, if NB can find a rhythm on offence, make 6-7-8 minutes drive and limit GW from touching the football, this game could raise some eyebrows. Alright, go ahead and kill me like yall are doing on @kooldown54
  10. NB needs their offense to come out clicking like they did in the second half of the Sabine game, if that happens they'll be ok. Long, clock eating drives(with TD's), keep GW offense off the field.
  11. They do, no doubt but so do yall! And yea, we got some tall ones. Actually, our tallest “go to” receiver was in street clothes tonight
  12. They are good teams but i’ll rank Sabine right along with them. And if Tatum and GW looks away for a split second, they’ll be beat by Sabine
  13. Lol all you want, those kids are clicking! Good solid fundamentally sound football
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