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  1. You got that right. Rankings don't mean squat in the playoffs.........
  2. West Sabine plays the same way: hard nosed and fundamentally sound. The pitching performances against Colmesneil were an aberration compared to the rest of the season. 1-9 can swing it as well, with no easy outs up and down the lineup. Should be a good series.
  3. Field turf? That stuff is nice. Have you seen anything on Harleton? When I think of WS on the diamond, I think speed on top of speed. Should translate well to turf......
  4. West Sabine is coming off a grueling 3 game series with Colmesneil and Harleton just swept out Bowie. I will be the first one to tell you I know nothing about Harleton and what they have or don't have, but any team that gets this deep in the playoffs has to be a quality team. I think it will be an interesting series. Thoughts? Comments?
  5. This is confirmed? I have never personally been to Gary how is their baseball complex? Heard it was good.....
  6. I would but I'm workin 10-6 tomorrow. Thanks tho...
  7. Will do. About to get my grub on at IHOP....
  8. See you in basketball Wolfman!!! Be safe getting home......
  9. Should be a good game. Who is the designated home/away?
  10. Ahh yes, but each of these teams had won at least two games, unlike the Scarborough situation. I am all for more football and four teams getting in the playoffs can be a good thing. Just saying that there should be a contingency plan in extreme cases such as Scarborough's.:)
  11. 1-9 is better than 0-10. Said team would probably be one and done as well anyway. It's all about the $$$$$$ in the end, who has it and who doesn't. I'm all for more football just make it QUALITY football. No one (outside of the team posting the score and their fans) wants to see a 65-0 playoff game with a running clock. Last year Diboll got in at 1-9 after beating Huntington the last week of the season(they finished 1-9 as well), and then were summarily trounced by Fairfield 65-0 or 65-6.
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