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  1. Is the one with two titles the same one that was in the running last time?
  2. Although not as famous as the two mentioned above Donald Robbins was a college head coach for a few years
  3. They must took away everyone’s 41 pt game
  4. That would be a lie because we all know that admin and board members kids are all great athletes!
  5. Sometimes a man just can’t help himself!
  6. Raven and Reeves are juniors Byrd and Willett are sophomores
  7. I don’t think it was his decision
  8. Your avatar is causing my epilepsy to act up!
  9. Isn’t that what y’all said this year?
  10. Washington was a stater and will be back next year
  11. You’re wasting your breath, I’ve already tried to explain this to him.
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