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  1. My intention wasn’t to take anything away from QC those boys played hard. We just had some miscues that will hurt us against a better team.
  2. There’s no doubt this will be the best team we’ve played this year. Last week our kids came out flat and made a lot of mistakes against QC in the first half. Those miscues will cost us against a good team. I‘m hoping for a good slug fest this week to get them refocused.
  3. If I had a nickel for every time someone said that you’re gonna have to pass to win I’d be a rich man. Just keep trying to convince yourself that Waskom’s not good because you’re not convincing anyone else.
  4. Honestly you never know how that game is gonna go.
  5. Y’all will have played 2 district champions with the possibility of it being 4.
  6. Harleton is a scrappy team but it took HS fumbling for Harmony to pull off a victory 38-34. Your eyes will be opened come the 30th.
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