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  1. Probably 0 to go along with his "zero" credibility.
  2. We’re not allowed to have an opinion if we’re not from EF or DF.
  3. I can tell that you’re all butt hurt over this, if you have nothing to contribute here move on.
  4. That’s about like sitting around Doug’s and believing what you hear! Lol
  5. Must have your attention because I haven’t heard anyone saying anything about beating them.
  6. Two losses or one big to DF and it’ll be right back to where they were!
  7. @Wild74 just put on another thread that it would be a Carthage team without seniors.
  8. Keep beating your chest if it makes you feel better but ain’t nobody scared of SA. I can promise you that!
  9. I’m hearing Waskom is playing Carthage.
  10. Bet he’ll think twice next time.
  11. Up by 40 or 50 and still full cord press, I bet..
  12. Week 11 should be a good battle for second place.
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