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  1. Up by 40 or 50 and still full cord press, I bet..
  2. Week 11 should be a good battle for second place.
  3. We should be in pretty good shape. Yes we’ll have a new qb but he’ll be settle in by district.
  4. What do y’all have returning?
  5. You’d think with all that talent WR has coming up, they would’ve been willing to play Waskom.
  6. Paris Chisum and Praireland have to be to clear favorites!
  7. Yeah the 8th grade qb will most likely be our varsity qb.
  8. Gotta love it when the village idiot shows up.
  9. We should be pretty salty by the end of the year. It’s just a matter of how fast our O-line and qb adapt to playing varsity.
  10. Jefferson’s usually a tough place play.
  11. A good wake up call is always a good thing. IMO
  12. After watching video the kid wasn’t swinging at the coach so no charges were filed.
  13. A couple of HS JV players went over behind Waskom bench and started jawing. Waskom AD told them to get out of there. Some other people start mouthing to those kids.....Waskom AD gets hit by one of the JV kids (kid wasn’t swinging at him). The situation was handled well by both schools admins, coaches, and most fans. It’s my understanding that HS has removed this kid from athletics.
  14. Every coaches career is dependent of their hires.
  15. That was a stupid play call being 49-14
  16. Gonna be a big drop off next year.
  17. Horrible roughing the passer call
  18. 17/23 291yds 5 tds in a little over a quarter
  19. LSU would beat Texas by 4 scores now
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