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  1. This is CarthDawg77 broadcasting from PG... GO Dawgs!!!!
  2. Visitor side is way too small, they are only selling 400 tickets for the visitors side. Covid needs to go away! I guess that means that I have twice as much noise, to make up for the smaller crowd.
  3. I think it will be a one or 2 score lead at halftime, then Carthage will pull away in the second half. PG has several players that play both ways, they will be gassed late in the second half. Dawgs win 42 to 28! Go Dawgs!
  4. Who wins the battle of #1 versus #2
  5. Argyle was ranked #1 all season and failed to make it to be the big dance, AGAIN! Dawgs won their 7th, life is good! Happy New Years!!
  6. Thanks, it was definitely a well executed game! We knew we had to contain LaVega's speed, nobody can stop it completely.
  7. Sportsfanatic1(DTrump), you're obsession with him is overwhelming. Get a life loser! I'm your huckleberry!
  8. Woof woof woof, it's game day Dawgs and Dawg pound!! Safe travels to everyone, see you at the the show!! Go Dawgs!!!
  9. #50 needed a hug, a big thrashing bear hug. That was beyond ridiculous, saw that at chalk talk on Monday. #50 played a hard fought game, not sure why one bad decision was made to bring negative attention to him. Oh well, it's a good thing #77 did not get seriously injured.
  10. It should be a hard fought game, but I feel like Surratt and staff will be the difference in this game. LaVega and Carthage both have stout defenses, it will come down to which offense executes and makes the least amount of mistakes. I like our chances to win #7, Go Dawgs!!
  11. Both teams definitely played their hearts out, it's been a while since we experienced cardiac football. Glad to see the Dawgs come out on top, but Lampasas pushed us the entire game. As a fan it was exhausting, I can only imagine how the players felt after that slugfest. Ready for next Friday, Go Dawgs!!
  12. We ready (what, what) We ready (what, what) We ready (we ready, we ready) For y'all (come on, we ready, come on) I'm ready to see the Dawgs take care of business tonight! Be loud and proud Dawg fans, it's going to be an exciting game! Go Dawgs!!!
  13. Very true. You don't make it to the semifinals by luck, it will be exciting to watch an unfamiliar team play Friday. Anything can and will happen, if you don't execute and adjust to the other teams game plan. Lampasas seems to be very balanced, just hope our defensive lines gets a good push and allows the others to attack the ball like they have been doing lately. Go Dawgs!!
  14. I am extremely happy to see the outcome of this heavyweight battle. After hearing, what seems like forever, about the number 1 team in 4A Div1. The well oiled machine, led by Bocephus and the other extremely talented receiving corpse(sorry can't quote Regal word for word), the machine malfunctioned and ran out of oil. We have plenty of oil for sale in the oil and gas rich area of Carthage. Blowing teams out all season and losing the big games seems to be a normal occurrence for Argyle. Bad weather, injuries, and coaching failures, all seems like pity excuses to me. Great job La Vega, you overc
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