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  1. CarthDawg77

    Judge orders Trump lawyers to release tax documents.

    Indeed, it Would be a much better world we live in if only more people would hold themselves up to the same high standards they have come to expect others to live up to. No argument there
  2. CarthDawg77

    Meanwhile in Evadale ....

    All that exercise is paying off, she seems to have slimmed-up considerably!
  3. CarthDawg77

    Judge orders Trump lawyers to release tax documents.

    You mean you are so seldom right that you have to write it down to prove it to even yourself?
  4. CarthDawg77

    Wow. Baylor???

    Theyโ€™re having all that crammed into their ears at those universities, too....๐Ÿคฌ
  5. CarthDawg77

    What can WE do about Congress' low approval ratings?

    Donโ€™t even!
  6. CarthDawg77

    I'm Feelin' It ...

    This one either!
  7. CarthDawg77

    I'm Feelin' It ...

    I never get tired of this masterpiece!
  8. CarthDawg77

    I'm Feelin' It ...

    BeeGees/Pink Floyd โ€œStayinโ€™ Alive/ The Wall mashup.... Pretty cool!