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  1. Well, there was that time I went to the employment office looking on their computer for a job, & lo & behold, there was a job that I had all of the qualifications, Plus Experience Doing That Exact type of job, yet when I printed it off & took it to the lady at the desk, That was when she “regretted to inform me that that particular job was being filled through “Affirmative Action” & that only a Minority Female could be hired to fill that position”... An Unskilled Minority Female, no less; so I suppose I might have been discriminated against in that instance...
  2. Creepy will have him voting conservative after that Tax Bill hits him where it hurts..
  3. This virus was developed in a lab in China. It is deadly for those with medical infirmaties; China has over a Billion people & housing, as well as feeding so many people is a difficult task, therefore, in my own opinion, this virus was developed to weed out older people & those with poor health as a means of creating a little breathing room in China. How & why it got out is anybody’s guess.
  4. https://apple.news/APEx6B7ZqRt-TudnmPFFTsg
  5. Every time I felt like I needed more money to support my family, I went out & found a higher paying job; Many higher paying jobs are dangerous, & therefore, the pay is significantly higher. People working in the energy industry are exposed to much greater danger than that pimply faced kid bagging your groceries.
  6. I have been friends with & been around POC all my life. I know that in my early years, things were much different for them than they are today; Positive change has taken place for them through the years as a direct result of those changes. All anyone has to do is see who is the highest paid professional athletes, entertainers, etc. in this country today. The “color barrier” is broken & things have certainly changed... As to crime statistics, Black on Black murder still Vastly outweighs the number of POC killed by police. Prove me wrong..
  7. Exactly... like when RINOS SAY they are Conservative just to get into office for life...
  8. The illusion is kept up by the Left because that is their “Cash Cow”...
  9. That isn’t a slanted opinion At All... Give us your take on how libs wrongly view conservatives...
  10. Seventy years later, Orwell’s fiction becomes reality.
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