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  1. ^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. I think the police should be fully funded. I also think people on welfare should be required to do 40 hrs Community Service in exchange for food stamps if able to do some work. If unable, a certificate from a licensed physician should be put on file for the recipient.
  3. That makes You even dumber than him!
  4. They Are beginning to realize They they can Actually Throw the Ball THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE to another player dressed just like themselves, & IF that player successfully CATCHES it, positive yards, & dare I say it? A Touchdown COULD occur! (Sorry, KilDogDad; I couldn’t resist...!) Kilgore is making Great progress in their passing game the last couple of years!
  5. He’s Literally Dumber than a box of Rocks...
  6. Go check out the skyrocketing black on black crime in Shreveport & see if you can find White Privilege as the cause of any of it; or any other city for that matter. It’s all Liberal Narrative.
  7. Nvm. It’s a Marvel production. I read “TheFalcon & The Snowman” years ago.
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