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  1. CNN admits Trump correct, that 2 Democrats misquoted Ukraine call during impeachment markup session - Fox News https://apple.news/A393cFz9PTS2GB-xb7KVVyQ
  2. See what you caused by not telling everybody who the heck you were talking about?
  3. They played pretty clean compared to some.
  4. I sure hope I don’t let you down....
  5. Probably not before Surratt beats them in the Super Bowl...
  6. This is the reason Surratt needs to stay in Carthage for another decade at least, (or forever!) Unless and until there is no question who is unquestionably the greatest high school program in Texas!
  7. YOU??? Hell, they scared the livin’ out of Everybody ! Hats off to Lampasas; They are the real deal, & they left it all the field last night. They played one heck of a game before everybody there. They brought a Huge crowd of supporters, played an Awesome game to the final whistle, & anybody who stayed home both in Lampasas or Carthage ought to be kicking themselves this morning because they missed one of the greatest high school football games they could ever hope to see! Fans on both sides were on their feet yelling their heads off!
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