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  1. That seems to be the consensus here on SDC. 14 point win.
  2. Do Tell! Uncle Creepy just can’t seem to control himself around children.
  3. My parents had a couple of Boots Randolph albums back in the Early 70’s & I played an Alto Sax in band. Boots played the Tenor sax.
  4. Not to be outdone, I just dropped a Tactical Deuce.....
  5. Does anybody on the Left think for one second that they would honor the last wish of a Republican nominated SCOTUS appointee if they were to die?
  6. This man’s mind is Gone....
  7. Bravo, Florida for saying, “ENOUGH!” and setting an example for All states to emulate to clamp down on all of this lawless Antifa& BLM ....
  8. My “With Ease” comment was referring to the Gilmer game.
  9. This is the insanity portion of this whole crock of ...
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