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  1. “Biden” is a Tool; a Puppet controlled by others such as Obama &/or Pelosi. The man is a fool, an imbecile & his time asPOTUS is drawing to a close very soon. They cannot afford to let him keep making a damn fool of himself & a laughingstock of America.
  2. Who ever authorized that this book be included in the curriculum at this school should be arrested & charged with with pedophilia for each copy of this book that was distributed to the students of this school... MY GOD, People; Seriously?!
  3. They are one & the same, in my opinion.
  4. I certainly Hope you didn’t think for moment that I Trust anything called Critical RACE Theory, because I absolutely do not.
  5. That’s 10% of what Biden cheerfully handed over to the Taliban when he tucked tail & ran.
  6. Most do, no matter which letter is behind their name...
  7. From what I have heard, it is racist indoctrination against whites; do you have any other information to the contrary?
  8. It doesn’t matter What it would look like. Critical Race Theory has NO PLACE in the Classroom. If you want to know what it looks like, go to California & see it.
  9. Having no Term Limits is a very large part of the problem, but no one will propose a bill, nor would it pass if they did.
  10. He is not calling the shots; he is a Puppet & freely admits this fact every time he says “I’m gonna get in trouble if I answer that”... This show is way past time for the curtain to be lifted & reveal the ones who are trying to destroy America. There names are Barry & Nancy, if you ask me.
  11. I’ve said time & time again... Soetoro & the #### Pelosi.
  12. He’ll probably sue for discrimination & walk away with lots of Green.... Everybody loves green
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