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  1. CarthDawg77

    🔒 Pelosi and Schumer's shutdown

    They do...
  2. I ain’t worried... They’ll all probably be at GITMO before then!
  3. CarthDawg77

    🔒 Pelosi and Schumer's shutdown

    My parents had a grocery store back then & I saw almost the very same thing happen there...
  4. I guess you say the dimwits really do s*ck.......
  5. CarthDawg77

    BIG BROTHER: Celebrity Edition Season 2

    Just bored rich people who want to get into the limelight.....
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-calls-climate-change-our-world-war-ii-warns-the-world-will-end-in-12-years
  7. CarthDawg77

    SCOTUS will hear 2nd Amendment case

    to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed — U.S. Constitution amend. II especially : to violate a holder's rights under (a copyright, patent, trademark, or trade name) *For those who don’t SEEM to knowwhat this means....
  8. https://apple.news/Adc2krDEgQfudcYp7hHN9Fg
  9. Even that first black President was For a Wall on the length of the Southern border; Then, the Hildabeast Lost, in spite of spending A BILLION dollars in the campaign...Then Pelosi became,( in Her Mind, at least) the Great White Hope for the Leftists, & now, suddenly the WALL is “immoral”.... She wants to keep the flood of illegals coming into this SOVEREIGN NATION in order to bring it DOWN; That is the Agenda of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.... Free for everyone, only a Few will be in Charge of all the $$$$$...
  10. CarthDawg77

    🤪 Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is a commie moron

    Awwwwww........This retard just loves the sound she makes everytime her mouth is moving.
  11. CarthDawg77

    🔒 Pelosi and Schumer's shutdown

    You do you, bruh...!
  12. CarthDawg77

    🔒 Pelosi and Schumer's shutdown

    Go hock those $700 iPhones & buy some groceries....
  13. Look into GHWB’s past; He runs Adolph Hitler a close race....