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  1. The important thing is, WE all know how ignorant she is...
  2. CarthDawg77

    😂Michael Moore re: AOC/POTUS

    The Sad thing is... He is Sincere!🤣
  3. CarthDawg77

    I'm Feelin' It ...

  4. CarthDawg77

    I'm Feelin' It ...

  5. CarthDawg77

    Et Tu FOX

    Es Verdad, mi Amigo...
  6. Whatever fits their ever changing narrative....
  7. https://apple.news/AaJir9Vo3SaeXxoFqjzDYlQ
  8. I wonder how many of them are flooded now, after all the rain we have had this year? That’s why I have’nt seen of them around here; the ground is just too saturated.
  9. CarthDawg77

    Bilbo's EITHER/OR game!

    Razor blade to the wrist...🤢🤮
  10. Dead link.........Nvm, it’s working now!
  11. There used to be a Quonset hut bombshelter down the steeet from my home that had a bathroom, etc. that could accommodate probably 40 or 50 people. It was built during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Kids broke into it and vandalized it back in the late sixties; It was removed in the late 90’s. I believe it was built by the neighborhood & built on the property of Dr. Glen Johnson &/or Coach Philip Koonce.It had soil pushed up high enough to cover it completely.
  12. CarthDawg77

    Not even a mention of NZ mass shooting?

    https://medium.com/the-radical-center/the-demented-politics-of-the-new-zealand-terrorist-b513fe610b2f The Guy is a Socialist psychopath out to create a Charles Manson style “Helter Skelter”....That’s what I gather from reading the link above.