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  1. That’s not surprising; nothing ever pleases you...
  2. 1., 2. 3. No particular order... They make a killer DQ style homemade Blizzard, but a good old Butterfinger Blizzard Rules over All of them.
  3. lol & the sawdust analogy!
  4. Didn’t you know? He’s an ADMIN; He Never runs out! That’s just for us Serfs....
  5. Hold my beer & watch this ..... Hey Barry, Who is the bigger Liar; Trump or Biden?.....
  6. Nah, She does as she pleases; same as All females.
  7. Well That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to those people of color; Do Asian Lives Not Matter? Spare me; I already know the answer....
  8. Why, President Donald J. Trump, of Course!
  9. Wifey & I watching “Wheel of Fortune” as is our custom in the early evening; they break for a commercial & launch into a series of political ads... She yells, “ I have already voted! Why do I have to watch all of these political ads?!? I thought, “What a brilliant Idea! If after you voted, you wouldn’t have to watch all of these ads! “ This would certainly get folks up off their butts & to the Polls!!!
  10. They are probably thinking, “ I Can’t believe those idiots trust mail-in balloting...”
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