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  1. Sadly, for all of those unattached hotties out there, I am a happily married man..
  2. Damn, Barry... I used to vote D, but I am a wiser man now. You are what is known as a”Yellow Dog Democrat” in that you would vote for a yellow dog if he were a Democrat; Voting for a party philosophy rather than a person who has common sense principles is clear proof of years of brainwashing. No doubt you gobbled up everything Lyndon put on your plate.
  3. I surround myself with level headed, Patriotic, Flag waving, clear eyed, like minded tax paying hard working Americans who know that they live in the greatest nation on Planet Earth, Thank you.
  4. No, I don’t think you work at a university, but I do think you put Leftist ideas into impressionable minds, & that is even worse than those ideas being developed in a collegiate setting due to the fact that even though such things may manifest themselves at a university, the seed of thought very well have been planted much, much earlier; But of course, you Know that, don’t you?
  5. Words are such Hurtful things; Especially when they are True.
  6. Comedian Chris Rock advises people to hide their money in Books; to know why, you would have to watch his reasoning. I ain’t getting suspended for telling the Truth again.
  7. She probably started started small with a case of the crabs!
  8. Funny that you have no issue with a Tranny beating up on women for sport, but when a Real woman does it, your gets . Hypocritical, I dare say.
  9. Democrat philosophy: “Always accuse your Opponent of doing that which you, yourself are Actually doing”...
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