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  1. That’s not surprising; nothing ever pleases you...
  2. 1., 2. 3. No particular order... They make a killer DQ style homemade Blizzard, but a good old Butterfinger Blizzard Rules over All of them.
  3. lol & the sawdust analogy!
  4. Didn’t you know? He’s an ADMIN; He Never runs out! That’s just for us Serfs....
  5. Hold my beer & watch this ..... Hey Barry, Who is the bigger Liar; Trump or Biden?.....
  6. Nah, She does as she pleases; same as All females.
  7. Well That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to those people of color; Do Asian Lives Not Matter? Spare me; I already know the answer....
  8. Why, President Donald J. Trump, of Course!
  9. Wifey & I watching “Wheel of Fortune” as is our custom in the early evening; they break for a commercial & launch into a series of political ads... She yells, “ I have already voted! Why do I have to watch all of these political ads?!? I thought, “What a brilliant Idea! If after you voted, you wouldn’t have to watch all of these ads! “ This would certainly get folks up off their butts & to the Polls!!!
  10. They are probably thinking, “ I Can’t believe those idiots trust mail-in balloting...”
  11. This the reason mail-in ballots should not be allowed... Too many opportunities for shenanigans to happen.
  12. That looks like all of the classes failed when he “graduated at the Top his class” in college
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