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  1. It doesn’t matter What it would look like. Critical Race Theory has NO PLACE in the Classroom. If you want to know what it looks like, go to California & see it.
  2. Having no Term Limits is a very large part of the problem, but no one will propose a bill, nor would it pass if they did.
  3. He is not calling the shots; he is a Puppet & freely admits this fact every time he says “I’m gonna get in trouble if I answer that”... This show is way past time for the curtain to be lifted & reveal the ones who are trying to destroy America. There names are Barry & Nancy, if you ask me.
  4. I’ve said time & time again... Soetoro & the #### Pelosi.
  5. He’ll probably sue for discrimination & walk away with lots of Green.... Everybody loves green
  6. He has Yet to answer that question honestly.... And he Won’t because he Can’t; No one can. Joe Biden could wreck an anvil with a chicken feather...🪶
  7. If you ever tried HEB’s 1905 Vanilla, you would never eat Bluebell again...
  8. The “Fake President” doesn’t even know which planet he’s on; This comes from his handler(s) Barry Soetoro & the Vodka Queen.
  9. 81,000,000 votes, eh? Not hardly. Not even Close to that for a creep like Biden & a #### like Harris.
  10. I bet old George Floyd would have settled for a good old fashioned bull whipping rather than being sat on until he stopped breathing...
  11. Harris is nothing but a laughing hyena. She’s Just as stupid as Joe & would be a puppet, same as Joe. Controlled by Soetoro & The Drunk.
  12. I figured you were still hammered from celebrating Henderson’s blowout of Spranged Heel.
  13. Or arrest them & let them make bail then go home & blow their brains out like the creep that molested my niece & two other little girls. He’s dead now & can’t molest any others.
  14. Wait til we get fully socialized medicine, (God Forbid!) you’ll wish it was as good as it is now...
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