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  1. The doorbell rings. Guy goes to answer it. He sees a snail on the doorstep. He picks up the snail and flings it as far away as he can. Two years pass. The doorbell rings again. Guy comes to the door. It's the snail again. The snail says, "What was that about?"
  2. A Duck goes into a pharmacy for some Chap Stick; The clerk asks him, “Will this be cash or charge?” The duck says, “Just put it on my Bill...”
  3. You are 95% Sphincter muscle, IMO.
  4. Objective dialog might be a better term.
  5. Nah, just a regular guy with a sense of humor...
  6. 你是充滿了狗 There you go...
  7. That’s that Ol’ Global Warming Al Gore warned us about...🌧
  8. PeLousy cannot be trusted; She is the greatest threat to America right now. She needs to be tried for Treason & if convicted, be hanged in the public square, along with the rest of those who have plotted to to Destroy America.
  9. They are a little more lenient with it in the political forum from what I have seen. Your original post is still as you posted it. Anybody can see my changes are not your words.
  10. Nothing but from the Communists in this site.
  11. It addresses the topic of this thread. They would kill anyone intending to harm Pence.
  12. Pence has his own Secret Service Detail to protect him; they wouldn’t hesitate to neutralize anyone who posed a threat to him.
  13. I knew that; That’s why I always type, & I still make mistakes..
  14. Can you go back & Try to make this make sense?
  15. Ask OLDPERRYMASON49er60....
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