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  1. Just wanted to say Congratulation to ya'll. Outstanding team. I definitely think ya'll were better but I wish we had a couple of plays back. Good luck and hopefully we will get ya'll next year. Excuse I need some wine for my crow. Merry Christmas.
  2. I will say that PG will get some yards and some scores, if they weren't a very good team they would not be here. Better get your yards running in the first half though because it will be slim picking in the second half. It will be a game of big plays not sustained drives. IMO that seriously favors us.
  3. Absolutely right and also teams have down games from time to time. I know we did not play our best game against Kennedale but you learn so much from those type of games.
  4. Just my opinion and since you don't think I know how to break film down it really won't matter to you when I say I don't think you could beat Newton.
  5. Must be a lot of delusional people up that way. Carthage is probably the best team in any classification this year IMO.
  6. Seriously, safe travels for all and especially everyone on the field. Working tonight but will be back on later to each eat crow or passing out hankys to those crying a river. Be safe everyone.
  7. Very true, when the players are dog piling each other after another state championship
  8. Your point is your going to lose to another SE Texas area team.
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