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  1. Your correct Wolfpack, my bad. I guess looking back is how many picked SA after the last two years. This certainly surprised me.
  2. Considering SA has been blasted the last 2 years with teams according to many on this site that can compete with Region 4 teams, I found it odd that you guys are so confident. I certainly realize new year, new team but when you have been out scored by close to 40 a game over those two years I would expect more cautious optimism.
  3. Geez! 10 days to get from Dallas to others areas in the USA. What do you guys use, Pony Express still ?
  4. That is what they said about SA in 2017 with all those senior weapons and speed.
  5. He may shred 2a but he better to be able to help that defense. SA has given up an avg. of 57.5 points over the last 2 semi games to Region 4 teams.
  6. I know that this is predominantly East Texas but lots of schools in South Texas would benefit too. Consolidation saves money in numerous ways. Less administrators equals less costs of high salaries Fewer buildings and facilities for upkeep Lower transportation costs even though you have a possible longer commute to school. This comes from fewer extra curricular activities and also consolidating could make schools closer to district mates The ability to combine two tax bases allows the schools to pay teachers more. This is big since most new teachers go to urban school districts because the pay is so much more. Also this extra money goes to more academic opportunities as well.
  7. The reason for the difference is that Refugio threw with a little over a minute to play to get that last touchdown. However, I am sure the reason that they did so was because SA was playing a little dirty. They were throwing punches at one of Refugio's best players and didn't get caught. Refugio coach got a penalty trying to take up for his player and for the refs missing the punches.
  8. Honestly they probably were probably 5th to 6th on the schedule and that is in no way a knock on SA. Navarro was a 3rd round 4A division 2 team, Edna was a 3rd round 3a division 1 team, Goliad was a 3a division 1 quarter finalist, Mason was top ranked all year and held opponents to 47 total points until last week and Shiner is in Refugio’ s district and are probably close to SA because of their strong defense and history. Again Refugio has played a tough tough schedule this year. Looking at SA schedule none of their opponents had that type of success in the playoffs
  9. I think the SA running back will as well. Refugio is prone to give up about 2 big plays a game for some reason. I think 1 big run and then the number of carries will get him over the mark tonight.
  10. I simply put the Centerville box score up so the person who thought that they had a 100 yard rusher last year would see that that was not the case.
  11. REFUGIO 38, CENTERVILLE 14 C 0 7 0 7 — 14 R 7 17 7 7 — 38 First quarter Refugio — Jaylon Mascorro 46 run (Diego Gonzales kick), 7:30 Second quarter Refugio — Trent Ross 33 pass from Jacobe Avery (Gonzales kick), 8:55 Refugio — D’Mond LaFond 80 pass from J. Mascorro (Gonzales kick), 4:27 Centerville — Brandon Madison 47 pass from Hunter Free (Daniel Byrd kick), 1:42 Refugio — 21 FG Gonzales, 0:03 Third quarter Refugio — LaFond 33 pass from Avery (Gonzales kick), 8:35 Fourth quarter Refugio — Ross 76 pass from Jared Kelley (Gonzales kick), 2:57 Centerville — Howle 8 run (Byrd kick), 0:41 C R First downs 12 18 Rushes-yards 38-129 36-232 Passes 8-19-2 8-18-2 Yards passing 156 281 Punts 6-35 2-27.5 Fumbles-lost 0-0 5-3 Penalties 7-35 8-50 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING — C, Brandon Madison 19-51, Coleman Robinson 5-38, Koy Howle 6-29, Dylan Pate 3-10, DaTavion McCarty 3-5, TEAM 1-(minus-1), Hunter Free 1-(minus-3); R, Jaylon Mascorro 11-114, Ysidro Mascorro 9-33, Casey Henderson 3-28, Jamel LaFond 2-41, Jacobe Avery 9-20, Jared Kelley 1-(minus-2), TEAM 1-(minus-2). PASSING — C, Free 7-15-2-11, Madison 1-1-0-15, Robinson 0-3-0-0; R, Avery 6-12-1-125, Kelley 1-3-0-76, Mascorro 1-3-1-80. RECEIVING — C, Madison 2-91, Robinson 2-24, Daniel Byrd 1-17, Free 1-15, Koy Howle 1-5, Jason Zarate 1-4; R, D'Mond Lafond 2-113, Trent Ross 2-109, Robert Ortiz 2-46, Chris Moya 1-9, Mascorro 1-4.
  12. Karma? The man and town just survived a hurricane and one of their best kids broke 2 vertebrae in his neck and had a 8 percent chance of walking. Also he has lost 2 state titles in the last 5 years by an average margin over 30. What more karma do you want him and the community to endure?
  13. Name one team over the last 4 years since Refugio has been put into a competitive district that he has run the score up on? Look for threads over the last 4 years to prove it. They beat Kenedy 78-0 this year but was up by over 50 at half. All starters were pulled and 2nd stringers played. Kenedy might have been the worse team in the state this year.
  14. Well if you look at the poll above it looks like most of East Texas is picking you guys. What does that mean?
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