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  1. In 20 years, America want have the sac to go to war.
  2. I was at the game, great atmosphere. Jefferson won the half-time show also
  3. The senate voted the same as all the dem in the house voted. They didn’t want him as a witness either.
  4. Finding a way to win and cheating are on two different levels
  5. Hearing a trash can being hit 1-2 seconds before the pitcher starts his pitch or trying to pickup the rotation of the baseball after the pitch is pitched. That’s a big differences. Huge advantage for the hitter.
  6. You pat down everyone at your church and it want be long before you are coming to my church because your church has shut it’s doors.
  7. Atlanta didn’t make the playoffs this year
  8. Somebody forgot to tell Wimberly they’re not gonna win.
  9. Wildcat makes no difference since their qb is such a good runner anyway.
  10. Hooks looks like they ready for a chicken fried and a warm bus.
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