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  1. You are exactly right , this is as close to Carthage as I’ve seen kilgore play in awhile honestly and it’s pretty exciting . Going in year to year knowing that teams only have to prepare to stop our run was tough . But this year it’s really got the team excited knowing that they have a chance especially after each week that they continue to perfect the offense .
  2. I guess I assumed you were talking about this season because it’s been far from horrible . The losses they had were from Carthage , first game , Gladewater, never should have lost that one and a close game to lindale . This team has never been as balanced as they are now and defense has played outstanding . They have continued to improve especially going into playoffs . Could really see them going a few more rounds if everyone stays healthy .
  3. Yea how do you figure kilgore had a horrible year ?
  4. Chapel Hill played Kilgore tough, not surprised they are rolling .
  5. Kilgore wins , they will most likely have to use every weapon they have . There is a few that really hasn’t been used yet , but when needed they will come through ! Defense will control there running back and if they try to stop Kilgore’s running game that will open up another set of problems for lindale . Hope both teams show up healthy and leave the same way . Gonna be a good one !
  6. Main objective for the teams for sure , but since I’m not on the team and wanted to know peoples thoughts about the game then now is as good as time as any . If you think it’s to early then disregard and move on till next week !!
  7. Hopefully this rain will move on out and like you said the crowd and the atmosphere hopefully will be there . Especially with the crowd the Rangerettes will be bringing since they are performing at half time .
  8. I really think it will be a exciting game . These 2 always play hard against each other and I’ve seen some that kilgore lost and should’ve won and some they won and should’ve lost
  9. As well as giving everyone on the kilgore side the finger numerous times before halftime .
  10. I think you are right ,hopefully Kilgore can pull it out but I know they are taking it very seriously . Gladewater looks good .
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