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  1. Sorry I put on other page. I knew it would never get seen here...
  2. I know this isn't on the volleyball site but wanted to congratulate the Beckville Ladycats in their state semifinal win today. They will play for the 2A state championship tomorrow at 5. Go Blue!
  3. Congratulations on winning the scrimmage....
  4. Same source that has a 2-0 score? Watched every play. A lot of improvement needed on both sides. Line play on both sides need work. Thought yalls second qb played well. Right tackle /LB kid played hard. Defensive right end went hard also.
  5. Beckville varsity 0 San Augustine Varsity 0 San Augustine 2's. 1 Beckville. 2's. 0
  6. Congratulations to all the Beckville guys! Well done!
  7. The phone in the back pocket like in most of the players yesterday was a New Testament Bible.
  8. Yes all the coaches are top notch first class people. Stresses attention to detail and hard work. You'll learn to do it the right way.
  9. The amazing thing is that everyone of them are not only great players but even better smart, respectable young men. That is what has been coached into them and guidance from their families. That will carry them thru life!
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