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  1. She's been a fan longer than I have she's even watched me play I just want people to open their eyes we all love gw through thick and thin but as always times change. Coach little was my favorite coach when I was in high school and I was Happy when he got a ring with Henderson but sad he didn't get it at gw. Some of us really cry and bleed black and orange even though we have no kids playing. Just want the best for this school is that to much to ask.
  2. Good night everyone if I offended or hurt anyone feelings I apologize but I'm not taking anything back. I won't be back the rest of the yr ✌
  3. Get over yourself you sit in the pressbox every game but can't see the field
  4. We are speaking about on the field issues. What goes on behind the scenes some of us know about. Deal with it or not. Stop the excuses.
  5. That's true didn't have the ball much but 3 consecutive dive plays inside the 5 then a boot on 4th smh. Last time I checked we have some of the fastest kids in the district but continue to bang our heads against the wall
  6. Defense has definitely stepped up since the beginning of the season
  7. It's all just tiresome. I mean look on the bright side we could be Tatum
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