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  1. It’s not Arkansas high that’s the problem it’s the aaa (Arkansas uil) from what I heard.
  2. I know the university isn’t releasing names but I wonder how many football players have had COVID? Seems like most of the schools in the sec have just about had the entire team catch and recover from it by now.
  3. wr thats about all i know. rumor that he sent a text to ahigh coach letting him know he was transferring to get a scholarship....
  4. couple more conferences with the uil board and that cycle may end early.
  5. i just never thought i would see le kids transfering to pg. i like pg being good but i dont want that at the expense of le losing players or texas high, redwater,qc, a-high etc.
  6. yep now we are the ones looking stupid ( North Texas). everything was bad the past 2 years but the return game was nowhere to be found. just glad this staff is making a point to improve at everything because it all needs an overhaul.
  7. i get why the kids are transferring but i wish this would stop.
  8. i dont remember anything good about special teams since maybe dennis johnson...
  9. pg got 1 of the 2 from that class, the wr/db that i guess is still at le is a good athlete also.
  10. nash may have been the #4 wr at best and i havent heard anything about the ol.
  11. 8/28 Pg vs Nashville both ranked #2 in their states will be live streamed on Texarkana Gameday Henderson vs LE will also be live streamed
  12. will tarleton state get in on some games with these southland schools since theyre independent?
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