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  1. Gameday really is a great product and do a lot for promoting high school athletes glad to see theyre in longview now.if its the guys i think it is doing the broadcast then they are pretty good. used to be teachers at pleasant grove and did their games for years until the local fox radio got rid of them.
  2. i figure they leave Texas vs Oklahoma on the same weekend they always play but hoping the sec will have Arkansas vs Oklahoma on that final "rivalry" weekend.
  3. he's played in 1 high school varsity game..
  4. the rule says non contrasting but i guess taso went a step forward.....it also calls for a charged timeout each quarter not just a a 15 yd penalty each half. Texas high has an orange jersey with black numbers and a black jersey with orange. I'm sure they will wear both. LE had a jersey a couple years ago that was either black with maroon numbers or maroon with black numbers, i could see it being an issue as it was pretty hard to see the difference.
  5. sorry didn't look at their schedule knew they were playing MP thought it was in 2 weeks. PG is good obviously not unbeatable but they are a very good program for their size school. Like i said their enrollment is close to what Arkansas highs is so i would like for them and LE to play instead of Arkansas high playing T-high.
  6. im sure that game will be over with by half time so you could still catch most of this one.
  7. I'm thinking this series is over at least from a football standpoint. the LE A-high games have always seemed much more competitive than the T-high series even though i know a-high has won a couple. I really wish pg and a-high would play now, those 2 games where really good and the size of the schools is pretty close like LE. I'm sure Texas high will find an opponent for next week but who knows where they will have find one and if they do will that team be willing to travel or will t-high have to travel. the money that is already lost from the shirts and other things that are purchased for
  8. im sure they will and im sure stanford will get them focused should be a good game.
  9. given everything that happened yesterday about the game that was supposed to happen next week i dont know how the tigers come out tonight. ticked off and firing on all cylinders or ticked off and flat?
  10. Texas high is at home playing Tyler im sure there will be a decent size crowd there.
  11. yet both teams are still playing this week.
  12. i take it this game is still happening? Texas high vs Arkansas high which is next week was just cancelled but it was being played on the Arkansas side. i dont believe it was due to player infections at either school just rising numbers in the area and arkansas side decided to pull the plug.
  13. its not that there isn't any talent or size on that side of the state line its just the enrollment has dropped quite a bit of the past couple of decades. with open enrollment at every school in Texarkana the kids can pretty much choose where they want to go and that started with kids going to texas high. arkansas high has the most state championships in the city with i think 5 (yea i know theyre arkansas but they still count) so there is a good tradition at that school. If it wasnt for the long tradition of playing the Texas High vs Arkansas High game i feel like it would have gone away the
  14. im just glad he's gone, he did at least give me a little bit of appreciation for Bielema though....
  15. yea had a kid from Pleasant Grove "commit" to arkansas yesterday. i think hes class of 24 or 25 so a lot can change before he would make it up there.
  16. couple good TE commits for the 23 class. Love seeing the "local" kids commit to Arkansas especially when they are ranked as high as Easter is and at a spot that will be of need in a couple seasons. https://247sports.com/Article/Arkansas-football-2021-Sam-Pittman-Dowell-Loggains-tight-ends-169109331/
  17. i second Naamans dont know how i forgot to put that down.
  18. couple yrs ago when i heard he was transferring i assumed it was texas high then he showed up at pg. there were a couple of really good looking athletes at le when he was there and i think one did go to t-high and the other to pg.
  19. he looked really excited about it in the pictures i saw.. hope the best for him, just kind of a head scratcher the way things have happened the past few weeks.
  20. Local places: Zapatas- mexican food similar to superior in shreveport. Red Bone Brewery- brewery, pizzas, burgers & sandwiches. Those 2 are toward downtown not far from grimm stadium. If you go out toward interstate theres a lot of franchise places, roadhouse, on the border etc. Also Reggies out by interstate smaller burger place not to busy later in the day.
  21. no but i saw where dvh is going heavy after pitchers
  22. i really thought he had withdrawn from the draft until i saw his name pop up.
  23. just waiting on someone to get a duck call manufacture sponsorship now
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