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  1. 16-3A is an interesting district with the top 4 teams all making regional appearances within the last two years. So is Tatum that much better in what was promoted as one of the more competitive districts in the area, or was the district just not as competitive as originally expected?
  2. He went out of this game for a few minutes for what seemed to be a nose bleed but didn't seem hurt other than that.
  3. I would agree with the addition of Collins would put Tatum over the top. Tatum put their little scrappy ones on him and stripped him several times or caused him to turn the ball over. Tatum's Boyd was the standout Saturday....add three inches to him and nobody in 3A would be close.
  4. Meh. This is an athletic group. The difference I think is consistency. Carr has been here for years for basketball, minus 2 years he went to work in the oilfield. The football guys have had a new coach every year practically. The sophomore group have had a different head coach every year since 7th grade. Hopefully some consistency there will help get football back on track. Plus football was super young, too. No seniors on the basketball team and only 4-5 in football.
  5. Should make a deep run. The interesting part is that there isn't one senior on the team. Made up of all sophomores and juniors.
  6. Well, we got you last time (first win for Hylander last year)....pretty sure we get you next time, too (but it will be the second for Holman).
  7. The sophomore QB had 253 passing yards against Pitt -- wish we could play DF again with a different offensive scheme, but maybe yall will be on the schedule next year to see how that works out.
  8. QB2 - giving QB1 a breather from playing both ways ** edit ** they both fumbled, QB1 was on a snap, QB2 was after being chased down by Center defense.
  9. Butt hurt about what? Facts? You can move along, too. Tatum lost to Center last year, too....and still handled WO with ease.
  10. You have an infatuation with our QBs... I just watched Hudl. The first pass of QB1 career was a 50 yard completion to Boyd for a TD. The second pass of his HS career was a 50 yard completion on a 3rd and long. He did throw a ball that was tipped and intercepted and at the end of the half there was also a throw that was intercepted just to close out the half but he did not have one incomplete pass that I saw during the first half other than those two interceptions. QB2 even had some playing time and never saw a 10 yard over thrown pass. The 2nd half was more of a struggle but
  11. Been here since 2005 - was TheEagles_WIT but did forget my password 2-3 years ago.
  12. They held their own. You the same one talking you "heard" a sophomore, white, lanky kid was starting. With the QB1 last night, you got 1/3 right. The kid starting last night was a freshman starter on the basketball team that made it to the regional tournament last year. Another QB prospect got hurt during the 1st day of practice, so it still could be determined, but he aint white, lanky or a sophomore.
  13. OB took it to another level his senior year. He had three years to develop in that position on varsity and he really shined his senior year. No matter what, our next QB won't have that same experience but we will have more weapons spread across the field.
  14. Lol, yea ok....but yet you only quoted the freshman part when Eagle8 mentioned both. I feel those two will battle it out next year and make each other better. In the meantime, we need OB healthy.
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