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  1. Watched a few episodes of The Witcher and so far I haven't decided if I'm gonna continue. Watched several season of AHS but stopped on the season about the lesbians with the fear of clowns. I guess I'll skip that one. Started watching Mindhunter and am enjoying it so far.
  2. He got his 15 minutes of fame. But as for the whole thing paying off for him...Well, he's still in the soup line isn't he? Unless someone brings it up in a "remember when" conversation, he and his action are an afterthought. This was no Rosa Parks equal rights stand-off. It was a look-at-me moment in time that will sit in the annals of sports trivia somewhere between "Who was the Ravens QB when they won the Super Bowl in 2001" and "Who played center for the Bengals this year".
  3. You want to talk Christian values, and then say YOU HATE someone. Allllrighty then!!!
  4. YEP. Something needs to change. Reminds mem of the time flute playing Jethro Tull beat Metallica out for a metal award!
  5. I have a tee shirt from this concert!
  6. Well If you've never sat through a Texxas Jam in the summertime in Texas, you've missed out!!
  7. Don't forget the last time Leon didn't have a chance!!! Some of you know this.
  8. Must have been the 09 game I was at. Man what a game. These guys would score before I could get my flip phone text out to my buddies. Who was the Alto QB that year? He was a HOSS !!!
  9. Ronster do u have a clip of the non TD catch? I saw the catch, but did not see the landing.
  10. So, Is he better than the Pope kid that went to SMU? How would compare the two?
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