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  1. So who might this miracle worker be?
  2. Why would somebody that is already a head coach want to leave to go to 2A division 2 Mount Enterprise???
  3. Each district got to decide it's own punishment for the kids involved. What a joke. DEC should have had some balls and made a decision together or sent it to UIL but instead the districts handed out 2 game suspensions. Ridiculous.
  4. I just asked them... they told me to ask you about that first game against Alto that they only won by 14. Then they said to ask you about giving up 35 points to a bad Linden Kildare team and a bad Beckville team that they barely beat. They also wanted me to mention giving up 28 to a bad Groveton team.
  5. No dog in the fight but curious... if I ask Alto how "brutally real" Garrison is and they tell me 43-13, and then I ask them how "brutally real" Carlisle is and they tell me 55-12, then what does that mean? hmmmmm
  6. Can somebody please translate what this guy is saying?
  7. Could have swore this was the Carlisle vs. Tenaha thread...
  8. Just for the record, Barker is not going to Pittsburgh
  9. I do not know the inside scoop of what's going on in Tatum, but I do know that Barker is not staying to be the OC. Nor is he staying at Tatum in any capacity.
  10. Barker is not staying at Tatum to be a coordinator. He isn't even staying at Tatum. That's a fact.
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