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  1. Or, why would you run a 2 yard route on 3rd and 3?
  2. Sam looks a whole lot like Heard against Iowa State.
  3. Or why you run over the weakest side of your line. If you need a yard, why not run behind what the coach says is the strength of your O line? Beck should be escorted out of the building at the half.
  4. Have we run a single run play over the left side? Somebody let Beck know Connor (the AA) is back.
  5. Saw a couple good ones opening weekend but not much since. This is the target this year. Saw him once after dark Sunday evening at about 50 yards but was so late I couldn't see my pins on my bow.
  6. It's scary how good Texas could be with a healthy oline. This defense is legit
  7. Holy ####! Beck must have just realized our receivers are 5 inches taller than TCU corners.
  8. I understand that completely.
  9. I've been moving hay and feeding cows all week in Rusk County and have seen several bucks active in the morning and late evening. Hot or not, they're starting to chase does so you do stand a chance to see some good ones this weekend.
  10. Waiting on the call to ban trucks. That should stop this type of senseless tragedy.
  11. Sam out for Saturday. Shane gets the start with Heard on deck.
  12. Or 84. I guess they're too tall. Everybody else uses big receivers around the goal line. We're gonna try something different.
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