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  1. AP doesnt do all-state any longer...TSWA still does one but I havent seen it yet
  2. I personally enjoyed the split and giving the small schools the spotlight.. What I'd like to see is 4A, 3A, 2A schools start their season two weeks early...gives them the spotlight for two weeks......give those schools twelve weeks to play ten games instead of eleven......then after the semifinals they get the week off since their title games are Wed/Thur (this will also allow small schools to play on Saturday's again and give more stadium flexibility to play in elite venues in the early rounds).....and then all the title games are the same week before Christmas.... It'
  3. It was his brother that finished the year...I think the posting is just a formality...I'll be stunned if the younger brother doesnt get it..he did a great job
  4. Former Jefferson Bulldog Dee Mitchell here....what an unreal story of a kid who worked his rear end off to put himself through school and get rewarded https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/watch-oklahoma-state-walk-on-dee-mitchell-surprised-with-scholarship-while-working-his-shift-at-walmart/
  5. Aledo was at 1859 in Oct of 2019 they are growing rapidly with Walsh Ranch and other huge subdivisions being built in Aledo ISD....we'll see what number they turn in Oct 2021
  6. Aledo turned in 1859 to the UIL they'll be D1 in 2022...what they list on the HS website has nothing to do w/what's turned into the UIL
  7. Denton Ryan has wins over Denton Guyer (D2 semifinalist) and a blowout win over Arlington Martin (D1 Regional Semifinalist who lost to Carroll by 4).....there's some on field evidence of them competing and beating the best in 6A
  8. Aledo has 1300+ on the HS campus which is Grades 10-12...they have a seperate 9th grade center
  9. Numbers are really, really low....they cant compete in 2A-D1 so they felt like the best way to try and revive things is to go outlaw, play smaller 2A's and private schools, try to build some confidence and wins and keep the numbers in the program....it sounds like its an absolute dumpster fire right now though
  10. If a geoblock could be put in place to precent folks within a 100-mile radius etc from watching the game online I think more schools would be ok with lifting the ban...but there's also work arounds for that also
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