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  1. Sounds like Kirbyville isn't too interested in playing someone with a pulse...I let Coach Therwanger know Coldspring was on the market...
  2. Makes too much sense for those two just to play each other honestly
  3. Tidehaven isnt interested....already tried that
  4. so yeah if they hadn't picked up that Waskom game they'd be looking at a six game schedule
  5. I believe they only had 9 originally because West Hardin dropped varsity football this year
  6. Timpson is now only going to play seven games in the regular season unless they can find a game next week... Not sure why the game was canceled but Simms ISD has a Covid tracker on their website....doesnt seem like Covid is too bad based on those numbers but its possible they haven't been updated in a while also
  7. I'll be at Longview vs West Mesquite Thursday and then in Corpus Friday and Saturday....Pickle is going to El Campo vs Boerne Champion Friday....Ish is going to Troup vs West Rusk on Friday
  8. The crew was out and about in Week 4
  9. Longview will win comfortably but West Mesquite is a much improved team...that race for 3rd and 4th in the district will be quite fun...
  10. I'm guessing Pottsboro tries to find a game next week
  11. Never posted the Week 1 edition so here it is...with a guest appearance from the Chapel Hill coaches
  12. Pottsboro I dont think wanted to play this week Pilot Point says they called them
  13. I wish DeKalb well in this one....I thought Timpson would have been a much better game for DeKalb...Timpson would have won but they won't be as big or physical as Pilot Point..Pilot Point may beat DeKalb up and it may take a couple of weeks to recover from that physical of a game
  14. Timpson and Carlisle could do a home & home..its been done before....Carlisle called Cumby but Cumby is touch and go right now....they may be shutting down also
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