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  1. You guys realize the UIL had zero to do w/Paris and the forfeit right? The UIL doesn't mandate testing of any sort, when to cancel games or how canceled games are handled that decision is left up to the local schools...the decision to not play was solely that of Paris ISD in consultation with local health authorities....the decision to forfeit the game was agreed upon by the DEC
  2. Clearly the money comment struck a nerve....73k is what Coach Abron made last year...I am well aware of the money situation....of course Pewitt can't match what Mexia made..the point was to increase the odds of attracting a quality candidate Pewitt needs to pay more..The other stuff you are rambling about is silly and not even worth my energy...I have a beach in Jamaica to enjoy...
  3. 1) Yes I've been through Omaha/Naples and I know 73k for an AD isn't going to cut it... 2) 40 3) When you sign my paychecks you can tell me how to dress, until then your opinion is literally irrelevant WOOO!
  4. The biggest thing Pewitt can do to increase the quality of candidate is increase the pay some.....they weren't exactly breaking the bank with the last staff
  5. Mexia is a step up from Pewitt...bigger school, more money for Coach Abron and he will have more coaches on staff and can pay his coaches more.... As for the offense, remember Coach Abron is a defensive guy by trade so he's not married to a scheme on offense....he's going to tailor Mexia's offense to the personnel on hand.....
  6. My guess is Rockdale likely stays in-house and promotes the DC
  7. Sounds like the job is the DC's if he wants it..the question is does he go to Cy-Fair with Miller because he might make more being a DC there than HFC/AD in Rockdale
  8. By splitting the job they probably can't afford to pay much more than 90 since they also paying a separate AD
  9. Tepper caught up with Coach Griedl at the Lone Star Clinic
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