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  1. 2018 - we should have won that year. we shot our self in the foot. I'm not saying we dominated or anything thing like that, but we were standing at the door and just had to finish. Once we made the unforced fumble I knew it was over. 2019 - we played a good game and stayed with you guys til the 4th quarter. Our D ran out of gas and the last quarter got ugly. This year will be interesting (if there is one) because there are plenty of unanswered questions for both teams.
  2. thanks....i'm not originally from Texas so i don't know all of the history....but im learning
  3. I think we have Gibson until his son graduates. His son will be a freshman this year. After that.....I think he will try college for a little while. No inside info, just my thoughts
  4. Surratt is absolutely a great coach but the thing that really makes him different is that he has chosen to stay. So far, Gibson has chosen to do that and you can see the results. Most great coaches choose to go on to bigger schools or to colleges. I think there are a lot of really good coaches out there but most are going to keep moving. what are the programs that we would consider a dynasty and have remained that way through coaching changes?
  5. MRI confirmed the rupture. Saying will be practically a full year recovery. Hes really worried about colleges pulling their offers, because he hasn't committed yet.
  6. Classy move from the coach at Pitt!! He put this on our athletics facebookPrayers from Pittsburg! You’ve had a great career at PG. It’s been a privilege to watch you compete in our district! I admire the innate toughness you display to help your teammates in each game you play. Wishing you and your teammates continued success, good fortune and health. Best wishes, Coach Baca
  7. last 10 minutes of workouts. running sprints....ruptured his Achilles.
  8. oh ive seen that . i thought you had some thing new.
  9. i'm a member and still havent received my mag
  10. Hawk20


    Matt Stepp has it on twitter
  11. Hawk20


    ive heard the rumors but haven't seen anything official to confirm
  12. I don't think anyone is counting Gilmer out.....especially us. You guys should be strong this year!!
  13. Wouldn't say we lost a ton on offense in numbers but we did lose quality and leadership. The Oline will be the same guys that took us through the playoffs after 77 got hurt. They will add a couple of the Dline guys so will probably be better that last year. RBs are stacked. Several good ones are lined up waiting for their chance. QB is the big question. Jalen throws a great ball but just doesn't have the experience and there is only one way to get it. I think he will improve quickly. IF Jalen gets confidence early, they could be better on O than last year. Other question is WR. Just don't know who is in line for that spot. Defense will be nasty if they stay healthy. Theres a significant drop from the starters to the backups. Front 7 will need to help the secondary for sure. Move in from Arkansas will help teh secondary a lot!! Carthage will be #1 and absolutely should be. Nothing but respect for those guys and their program. We are trying to build the same thing in The Grove
  14. Here's our cover
  15. I agree Carthage is 1. I hope we are 2 but I could see us being 3 or even 4 in pre-season. Gotta prove we aren't having a huge drop off
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