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  1. gotcha.....he did a great job at guard. just has never played tackle at all. heck of a baseball player too
  2. Sorry. I didn't realize it was a list you can correct. I thought it came from the TSWA organization and you simply posted it. I just private messaged you.
  3. interesting.......we have a guy listed on here who has never played at the position he is listed and his height/weight isn;t close to correct. I hope they didn;t put the wrong guy
  4. Anyone know when the TSWA All-State team is being announced? It usually comes out earl February but haven't seen anything yet
  5. Pleasant Grove runs Wing-T....but not completely the "old" version
  6. He just doesn’t want to play. Wants to go to a large college
  7. for sure....there have been plenty of PG kids from days gone by who left PG and went to Texas High or LE. Thats always going to happen.
  8. Rumor is that RJ will be the fastest athlete to come through the program.
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