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  1. even the gilmer folks talks bad about them
  2. Thats funny!!!!!!!!! Gilmer broadcaster are the worst homers I have every heard anywhere!!!!
  3. Announcers are homers....it's a Texarkana broadcast....they are supposed to be homers. It's not supposed to be neutral
  4. Looking forward to this game. LE is better than people are giving credit to them....so is PG. Neither of these teams are hitting on all cylinders right now so anything can happen. PG will win but they will have to earn it. LE certainly won't lay down for them. It's Senior Night for the Hawks. We lose some special guys who have been major players for the last 4 years.
  5. whats the live stream link? too lazy to google
  6. ok im obviously missing something. im on kgas but i dont see a link to watch it....just to listen
  7. not gonna dig back through 7 pages of a forum..........will this game have live stream?
  8. That's an interesting take when you consider that Nick was 3rd in tackles for that game and he is 2nd in tackles for the season. Gage Stivers who is a LB was 1st for that game and is 1st for the season. (NO, I am not his dad or related in any way) Don't misunderstand, Nick is absolutely a beast and probably the best player on the team....but he wasn't the only one who showed up. That's over stated. DBs were in the right place pretty often but didn't make the plays. Couple of times they just need to get their heads turned and look for the ball. Receivers made exceptional plays tho and
  9. the key to PG going fast has never been the time between plays....it's the time of breaking the huddle to the snap of the ball so that defenses can't make quick adjustments. they have drained the clock in a lot of games!!!
  10. Argyle will have the strong advantage simply because of depth. PG only has half as many guys on their roster as Argyle does. I think both sets of starters match up well but PG has way more guys going both ways than ever before. That will be a huge factor if the end of the game is close.
  11. Texas schools playing against Arkansas schools is always interesting because the rules are different. In Arkansas there is no cutting or chopping so it changes the WingT a lot
  12. 2018 - we should have won that year. we shot our self in the foot. I'm not saying we dominated or anything thing like that, but we were standing at the door and just had to finish. Once we made the unforced fumble I knew it was over. 2019 - we played a good game and stayed with you guys til the 4th quarter. Our D ran out of gas and the last quarter got ugly. This year will be interesting (if there is one) because there are plenty of unanswered questions for both teams.
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