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  1. Lol you're right. I've exhausted those avenues too looking for information. Amazing how many schools lack viable records.
  2. Have you ever checked out http://lonestarfootball.net? Looks like they have inconsistent numbers here and there but I like to check it out anyways. Unfortunately they don't have the GW/Jerry matchup in 02 or 03 I believe.
  3. here's to your team's abilities for the rest of the season. Just not tomorrow night!
  4. Been twice we've been 4 deep in the playoffs and miss the playoffs the year after. This season has been one for the books.
  5. Sure did, that was a great game. That family line is BEAST mode all the way. If there is any rust I'm sure he'll get through it pretty quick.
  6. I know it's WISHful thinking but if our O-Line was stacked run the wishbone with #4 at QB, Kinney/Andrews at FB and Hamilton and Dowden at the RB positions. Old school foundation.
  7. Sorry man, I live a day ahead at all times.
  8. Most definitely. I heard the QB situation will be different tonight and we are getting 2 RBs back tonight which takes our total RBs to 6
  9. You must know what I know I actually heard we are getting another RB back in the mix tonight also.
  10. I was going to correct you there earlier . Amigo Juans will cure your hunger for Mexican [email protected]
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