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  1. Who do y’all think is gonna take over at Lee now?
  2. Any word or idea on who he is brining as assistants?
  3. June 2014 Definitely done more reading than I have posting
  4. All good. Simple miss understanding!
  5. Congrats to Newton! Good luck next week!
  6. I don’t know about a jet sweep out of the end zone...
  7. Newton fumbles ball on 2 yard line. Troup recovers
  8. Troup 3 and out, bad snap on punt and punter falls on it and Newton takes over deep in Troup territory.
  9. 26-7 Newton, scored in 40 seconds to start half
  10. On a side note the personal foul towards the end half on Troup knocked them out of field goal range and they lost some potential points towards the end of the half.
  11. I was commenting how y’all got called for the hold on that punt.
  12. Troup got the passing game going late in the half. Only problem is they have only stopped Newton once.
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