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  1. TexasSt

    DeSoto Open... again.

    My bet is Gilbert or Mathis, going with Mathis. Don’t see Gilbert leaving Tiger land just yet but I could be wrong.
  2. TexasSt

    Kurt Traylor-Tyler Lee

    Just give him a little more time.
  3. So you saying that this job will not come open? If that's true the mesquite job will.
  4. TexasSt

    Duncanville AD job

    With the school board meeting coming up, will we see another job open up here in East Texas?
  5. I agree with your points, but how do you get good coaches to stay at Spring Hill?
  6. They way to get better is by firing all the coaches in every sport and starting over lol. Also kick a couple of students out to drop down to 4a.
  7. TexasSt

    12-3A Hardin

    Welcome back coach.
  8. Wish he would of stay at JT, he would of added another threat to that offense.
  9. If you speaking of Coach Ender, he has done a great job with the boys program.
  10. I disagree, the problem started when the program let Coach Pope get away.
  11. TexasSt

    Top 5 best jerseys in East Texas.

    Did you feel bad that JT didn't make the Texas High School Football top uniforms?
  12. TexasSt

    Frankston Open Again

    I thought he was from Gilmer where Coleman was the OC before heading to Jacksonville, my bad. An I believe if a man has a hot wife he will get the job over the coach with the ugly wife hahahaha.
  13. TexasSt

    Frankston Open Again

    Was last year his first official time to call the offense and he has a hot wife for the record.
  14. TexasSt

    Lindale Coaching Changes

    I like Coach McFarlin always been a good guy but at the end of the day they are still Lindale. Looking to finish 4th this year so we shall see,
  15. TexasSt

    Rains 2016 Football Schedule

    They will be fighting for the fourth seed if they make the playoffs.