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  1. Poor kids were really banged up and had other starters out for various reasons, at least that’s what they said on the broadcast. Krum had a freshman starting at QB. Very young and raw, but decent looking athlete. Krum had two first downs (one on a busted punt of all things) and negative yards against the starting Celina defense. Bobcats were literally emptying the bench in the second half, putting kids in positions they’ve never played. Felt bad for Krum.
  2. Ha! Man, I was almost cool enough to have that "first and only" distinction. Just a touch too late.
  3. Love the move of Copeland to QB for Argyle. Copeland can flat out fly. More often than not, he's going to be the fastest kid on the field. His athleticism is undeniable too. The other young men for Argyle did just fine, but Copeland brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the table. He's going to be able to make plays a lot of different ways for the Eagles. Completely changes the dynamic of their offense, in my opinion. On the other side of that coin, though, it takes away a HUGE playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. I'm sure he'll get time on that side of the ball too, but it's going to have to be sparingly, otherwise he'll just wear down late in games, and that's not what you want happening to your QB in those tight contests. I'll be watching Copeland and the Eagles closely as they round out district. I think they're safely into the playoffs. And if this offensive move works out the way I think it does, we could be staring down the barrel of a doozy Region II semifinal matchup between Argyle and Stephenville.
  4. Good show as always, boys! One minor correction: Celina only has one loss, and that was Week 3 to Argyle. Celina was dealing with some health issues in that game, had some starters out and other key players not close to 100%. Worst offensive game I've seen from the Bobcats in a few years. BUT, also Argyle's defense is really, really good. Apart from that loss (in which, the Bobcats defense only gave up 16 points), Celina has rolled the rest of their schedule, including a really good Melissa team. I think Grant is right about Aubrey. This was a big game for them. They were feeling good coming in undefeated and a year removed from beating Celina for the first time in nearly 30 years, and making it to the Region I semifinals. This was the chance for them to make a big statement, and to prove they belong on the big stage. Instead, Celina looked like the big brother. Bobcats dominated every single facet of the game and made a good Aubrey team look really, really bad and undisciplined. The Chaps were gassed by the start of the 3rd quarter, and they were starting to implode and quarrel amongst themselves. That said, I still think Celina and Aubrey rematch for the Region I title come December.
  5. This was very much a big brother statement game. Bobcats reminding Aubrey of the natural order of things. That said, Chaps are a pretty good team, and with a watered down Region I, it’s highly likely that Celina and Aubrey will rematch for a ticket to the semifinals come December.
  6. Celina 49 Aubrey 14 FINAL Game was complete domination by the Bobcats. Celina took their foot completely off the gas in the second half. Bobcats did whatever they wanted offensively and defensively. Apart from those two big TD plays, the Chaps didn’t do anything but move backwards. If Aubrey had 100 total yards, I’d be surprised.
  7. Celina up 42-14 over Aubrey at the half, and the game hasn’t even been that close. Aubrey has had two big plays, both TDs, and that’s literally it. Bobcats are wearing them out all over the field.
  8. Gunter by five TDs ... more if the Tigers aren't feeling very merciful tonight.
  9. Guys, Carthage is fine. They don't need to work on anything. They're beautiful just the way they are. Now y'all leave 'em alone. Or, actually, y'all leave each other alone, Dawgs fans.
  10. What a matchup. District 5 and District 7 are both insane districts. I'd honestly say District 7 is the "District of Doom," as there is a ton of depth there. But District 5 has some serious contenders. If La Vega can get things figured out offensively, they're going to be a tough out. They've got the athletes, but the execution and consistency just hasn't been there yet. But ... the Pirates are trending the right way. I think La Vega has the defense to slow down Stephenville's explosiveness, but I'm not sure they'll totally shut them down/out. I see this one going down to the wire, honestly. Hard to pick, but if I had to, I'd lean ever so slightly towards La Vega. Won't be surprised either way, unless this game turns into a blowout in either direction. Should be a good one, and whoever wins this one controls their own destiny. La Vega by 1.
  11. Good show, boys! Always a nice pick-me-up to roll into the second half of the week!
  12. Yep, Coach Moore is very much still living. He was just honored a couple weeks ago along with the rest of the 2001 Celina team that won a fourth consecutive state championship and set the state's all-time winning streak. Coach Ford was there alongside him, too. G.A. is still very active in the church and still comes to most football games too. Unfortunately this year, G.A. lost his son Gary Don to ALS. Gary Don was QB for the Bobcats back in the mid-90s and lead the team to a state title over Alto in 1995. That team set the mold/stage for the 98-01 teams that broke all the records. G.A. did coach at Aubrey for a while and led them to the regional semifinals in 2009, losing to McGregor 31-21. The team went 11-2 and went on the deepest postseason run in school history, which they then tied last year, losing to Graham in the same round. Gary Don coached with his dad at Aubrey for a bit during that time, too.
  13. I like the way you think, Regal. I’m thinking the game could go similarly.
  14. Lol Regal and I both like detailed breakdowns of the games, no doubt! I won’t be doing play by play though! My hats off to those who can, but I can’t watch and post lol
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