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  1. I see tongue-in-cheek satire and irony is lost on most of Smoaky.
  2. I see tongue-in-cheek satire and irony is lost on most of Smoaky.
  3. Right, right, right. What are "my libtard" news sites, exactly?
  4. Wow, I just stumbled upon this thread and what a treat!!! Carry on. Carry on.
  5. The infantile headline of this thread aside, and the baseless communist "answer" aside, I'll say there are plenty of people who would be upset by this, me — neither a "libnut" or a "tree hugger" — included. Plenty of scientists, plenty of marine biologists, plenty of humanitarians, plenty of researchers, plenty of environmentalists, plenty of conservationists, etc. etc. etc. Most of those groups being apolitical, at most. But I'd also say you'll have plenty of republicans, democrats, liberals, libertarians, etc. who denounce and disprove of this, and would rather enact policy that prevents it
  6. Seatbelts acknowledge fear and are symbols of subordination and surrender. Going the speed limit acknowledges fear and is a symbol of subordination and surrender. Paying taxes acknowledges fear and also symbolizes subordination and surrender. We are surrounded by symbols of fear and subordination and surrender.
  7. Getting this one in ahead of Delta. Good move.
  8. Horace looks really, really good. Here's the problem I see, though. His speed won't be anything Carthage hasn't seen before. Not to mention, his speed will be matched by the Bulldogs secondary, and probably at least one of their linebackers. More importantly, though, I just don't think Center's offensive line can hold up to Carthage's front-seven. That Bulldog front is so quick off the ball, so big, and so strong. That is the key that allows those Carthage LBs to flow to the ball, and when they arrive, they arrive quickly and with bad intentions. Perhaps Horace breaks off one or two
  9. Yeah, most of the developments in Celina are going in on the Southside, zoned for Prosper ISD. Eventually, the growth will move a little further north. I'd say 2024 or possibly even 2026 before the Bobcats reach the 5A ranks. Would love to have seen Celina/Lovejoy, though. I think we've only played twice, if I remember correctly, and split those two matchups in the postseason.
  10. Lol oops ... well, still, I did answer correctly
  11. A title this year would give them 8 and put them in the same historic group as Celina, Plano, Katy, Brownwood and Southlake Carroll. Of course, Aledo is ahead of everyone now with nine.
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