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  1. He’s outplayed Ewers by far, and plays with a lot more confidence. I get Ewers is a 5* and the top recruit in the nation for 2022, his tools and raw talent are there, no question, and the arm strength is something else, but Klubnik has looked like the more complete player tonight.
  2. These teams are young, too. We could see a rematch in 2021.
  3. On a phone. Married. Two kids, about to have a third. My mom (who voted for Trump) just got out of the hospital with COVID. My in-laws are in the hospital with COVID. So yeah, hilarious mask joke.
  4. I agree. Sad thing is, the irony is too thick for even ObiOne and the rest of the maga folks to even get it.
  5. Well, if nothing else, they're very obedient. They're only doing what they've been taught.
  6. Trump and his supporters don't need any help looking bad.
  7. I'm not making anything personal. My comment about the wool was not about you, specifically. It was about Trump's ability to pull the wool over the eyes of his disciples.
  8. No he's not, but he's hoping folks like you believe that he is. I've never seen someone so easily pull the wool.
  9. No. No way. Do not let him off the hook. He all-but called for the mob to go after Pence before this. This is lip service. It's HIS sedition that caused this. He is responsible. He needs to be held accountable.
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