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  1. 7-0 B-boro ball at Celina 2. I'm listening on the KMOO 99.9 website.
  2. R.I.P. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=2665857
  3. Davis for 259 2nd hand, so take it for what it's worth. The point remains CONGRATS TIGERS!!!
  4. I was a fan of the deal for Dellucci at the end of spring training largely based on his performance against the Rangers in 05. His first few stints with the Rangers wasnt great. Hopefully he is setteling in. Command is the key with this guy (as with any pitcher) but when he is around the zone he's good. And only 24.
  5. after the Rangers the Cubbies are my 2nd favorite team and although Prior has all the makeup im afraid he is just not that durable, and the Cubs have to add some punch. imagine him and Ramirez, D. Lee, Walker, and Barrett that has the maakings of a great infield
  6. Padilla (28) is a year older than Rodriguez (27), Padilla is 51-51 career with a 3.95 ERA, which believe it or not is on par with A.J. Burnett 49-50 with a 3.73 ERA in a much more pitcher friendly park. Rodriguez is 10-15 with a career 5.18 ERA he should be more consistent by now. This was a good move.
  7. I seriously doubt it, Phillly is more of a hitters park than Arlington. Rodriguez started a game after the All- Star Break last year against Oakland that I was at. Everyone was dodging rockets off of Oakland's bats in the stands he gave up 4 Home Runs in 2 1/3.
  8. This is a good move two major leaguers and a prospect a couple days ago we were faced with getting Broxton only, and now Kinsler will get his shot to shine
  9. Juan Dominguez showed a little something last year, although inconsistent he had moments
  10. I am as big of a Blaylocck fan you will find, that being said the Rangers have to pull the trigger Danks and Diamond are promising but we have a chaace to get an established big league starter.
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