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  1. Quaterback play is miserable, especially having a year under your belt. That's what happens when you let a team like West Mesquite hang around.
  2. All I've seen with this new app are Dave Cambells news, schedule, and scores.
  3. If you have an android phone, go to Google play then go to the top right hand there will be a circle with a letter. Press that and it will say manage apps then press it and scroll, to you see the new Football Friday app and push update. Make sure you delete your old app first and install the new app.
  4. Texas High JV has not scored yet.They have the field split in half JV and Fish.
  5. Tutt is making it look to easy on JV, cool, calm, and collective.
  6. Longview was missing two players today. One was the senior LB. With all the recruiting and camps these players are going through they look pretty good. Remember, there is alot youth on this team. It's going to be fun to watch. One quarterback looked a little sharper than the other today.
  7. Wind is definitely a factor, DR shoving our guys in the back long after the play has ended. We have to score getting the ball first after half.
  8. I was just picking at you RJ, glad to see the Pirates get that first playoff game in along time. Good luck next week, Lobos and Pirates moving on.
  9. Congrats PT, little brother gets first playoff win in years. RJ you were a little rough on those refs, tonight. Lol!
  10. This Freshman A team, along with the JV defensive line, going to be lights out.
  11. I thought special teams is getting better. Need to sure up handling the ball on catching it on kickoff return. Kickers did an excellent job. I like how we pooched it and squib the ball on the kick off. Almost got some turnovers on it. Defense lights out last night. Offense still needs work, but it will all come together.
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