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  1. Got to go & watch Rains @ Winona scrimmage. Live half: Rains 56 Winona 14
  2. Wolfman must be working this week! This thread does not have 21 pages .
  3. Groveton might not stop you all but you might stop yourselves.
  4. After watching both in the last 2 week I'm gonna go with SA in a shootout 51-42. I know wolfman going to have something to say about this lol.
  5. Good season Rams! Playing through Thanksgiving is always something to be proud of. Told y'all Groveton was good. SA good???! Gonna find out!
  6. #1 because Alto did not play San Augustine so everybody's PPG on defense goes way up. Lol. I do think Alto's defense was better though. #2 because I think Groveton's offense is better than Alto's in my opinion. #3 teams click at different times of the year and Groveton seems to be clicking on ALL cylinders right now. I'm not here to argue. Bottom line is these are high school kids and you never know what you are going to get out of them from week to week. Good luck to both schools. Well deserved to be in the position you all are in.
  7. Who was diminishing Alto? Just curious. Alto had a REALLY good team!
  8. It will be interesting. Joaquin is coming off a big win and an absolute WAR with Alto while Groveton had a little bit easier time with Big Sandy. How much did that war take out of Joaquin? Will they physical & mentally be able to do it again? Can they play that way back-to-back weeks? If any team can it will be Joaquin. Beginning of last week, I thought Alto was the 2nd strongest team in the region but Joaquin proved my wrong and after watching Groveton play i would put them on top of Alto too. Gonna be another WAR, better get ready!
  9. I might have to try and make this one!
  10. Final 55-27 Groveton wins if you didn't know. Definitely one of the top teams in Region 3
  11. Halftime 27-7 Groveton up. They are good. BS lost 2 defensive lineman (hurts) but props to Grove, good team. Punting has been exceptional by Big Sandy though. I won't say that's my son .
  12. Best if luck! Keep eye on #4 Big Sandy. Might be related to me . Good DB & punter! Will grab an onside kick or two too. No injuries tonight and may the best team be decided on the field with class!
  13. Got some good friends on both sides of the ball. Good luck to both schools! Should be a great matchup.
  14. Truth. Groveton favored and for good reason. Big Sandy will have to play the best they have all season (but they seem to be getting better every week) and maybe have the ball bounce their way a couple times. Big Sandy can't afford to get down early. Not a strong air attack to catch up quickly but enough to keep you honest. Keys: Groveton linebackers will have to read their keys to slow down Big Sandy's rushing attack. Big Sandy DB's are going to have to play lights out and force a few turnovers.
  15. He was a GOOD punter. Got a pretty good one again but hopefully won't see him too much . You are right, it was a great game. Groveton was talented!!!
  16. I'm pretty sure that 04 state championship played there between Gilmer & Jasper probably might have topped those numbers, but I could be wrong.
  17. Big Sandy & Groveton are legendary in the state of Texas. Alto & Joaquin, well most don't even know they still play football anymore (hahaha). So will let them have their limelight.
  18. It's REALLY because Alto wants NO part of BS in the 3rd round!
  19. If you remember that, that means you're old like me .
  20. Think last time Big Sandy & Groveton met up was in the playoffs in 04 ish at SFA and Big Sandy gave them the L. Groveton has a really good team no doubt. Big Sandy will have to play a great game to keep it close & maybe have the ball bounce their way a couple times...but anyting can happen with HS kids from one week to the next.
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