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  1. Whole heartedly disagree with most of this. But I believe in the fact that you wrote it with good intentions and benevolence.
  2. Good year for a practice run at homeschooling.
  3. This is crazy, these media types are scaring the heck out of people for no reason.
  4. Barry popped on my post lol. The mission statement for THA is to look out for hospitals. What better way than to remove all patients. my favorite safety topic “the less you do, the safer it is for you”
  5. Right! They would have to shut down I-20 also. They ain’t doing that
  6. The enforcement is lax though. A law/order is only as good as the enforcement. Until they actually declare martial law, I’m not sure they can legally make you do anything.
  7. I’m just enjoying the extra time with my kids at home. Making the best of it. Did a science experiment today in the garden. Good hands on learning that isn’t always taught in schools.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/evangerstmann/2020/03/25/are-stay-at-home-orders-constitutional/#3793f536104e This is one article I found about it, but I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions about it?
  9. What a complete spin on his point. A point which was well articulated.
  10. All your proving is that our state dept was ahead of the curve. The timeline speaks for itself.
  11. Yea THA primary goal is to look out for the hospitals. Of course they would want to shut everything down.
  12. Feelings don’t matter when money is involved. And it never hurts to ask
  13. Shouldn’t he? For helping so much?
  14. So many people all over Social Media trying to make a spectacle of someone helping their own people because he’s a trump supporter. And being really dishonest/malice about it (like you were). It’s all fun and games when you get called on it. No I hear ya, not serious at all.
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