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  1. Lmao!! Leftist are being drug around by the nose
  2. Barry probably threw up lol
  3. It’s already been discussed at my work
  4. It’s not about slavery you race baiting moron!!! Lmfao Take a lap
  5. You brought up slavery when you quoted it!! Lmfao stop man, you are making yourself look worse
  6. @JETT small town Winona boy has never heard the expression owned. Lmfao seriously, get out more.
  7. I can’t speak for others. Opening in person by a week is fine. Our gov is on the out anyways so whatever.
  8. Mail in voting is not secure and the leftist crazies know it! Especially all the lions on this site.
  9. Amity fair writing hit pieces now? Lmao No fact presented in that article, just opinion. unlike most families of politicians. Trumps whole family already had businesses running before daddy got elected. Should they stop? I don’t think they should. I don’t want them to use our gov to help them but until I see evidence and not opinion to prove it, it isn’t an issue. With as many reporters that hate trump, you think they could find some hard evidence.
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