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  1. I don’t physically threaten anyone. But I have no problem with Representatives being threatened. The job they have has been Cush for to long. Time for them to get some skin in the game. People willing to risk their life for the country are what is needed.
  2. Good, now if they cancelled aid for every country, that would be great.
  3. Got caught. They wouldn’t fire without proof of cause. I hate to see people lose their jobs, but I’m sure he knew the consequences.
  4. Lol he had dinner with him in 97!! 10 for the big guy!
  5. Add a factor of 5 to those numbers and it is beyond criminal.
  6. Oh, they were banned from social media? So we’re the people who broke the lab leak theory. So are many people everyday for telling the truth.
  7. Saw a video today of a Hs girl saying the teacher made the class watch an R rated movie where a 10yr old was a victim of assault. Teachers are getting more and more like Barry everywhere
  8. No one mentions how retarded this guy is to think trump would do something like that. It’s almost like they were making him out to be crazy on purpose. Weird.
  9. Funny how all the southern states get made fun of for being backward redneck and overall dumb. But are the ones smart enough to find and order treatments. Now we have to ration them for the Yankees! Lol
  10. Togo has less than 3% vaccinated but .9% death rate. How did they ever survive??
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/05/11/covid-surges-in-4-of-5-worlds-most-vaccinated-countries-heres-why-the-us-should-worry/?sh=5c0f8f3dd677
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