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  1. Tigers got this one. I think we will have a lot of speed and a great passing attack. Our QB is pretty mobile too. I sure hope we see a flashy tiger offense and not all that run game we have seen the last few years. Air Raid baby! Wylie East has not chance in the season opener.
  2. The Tigers roll into to week 2 looking for another big win. MP really took over the second half against Wylie East last week. The Tigers found a way to slow down an impressive offensive attack with a turnover and couple of key stops. North Lamar will struggle to deal with the speed of the Tigers this week. The Tiger offense never really struggled and displayed an explosive ground and air attack. Safe travels to our friends to the north. Hoping for an injury free week two for the Tigers.
  3. Our running back is definitely a beast. We are struggling to get any blocks for this kid. He is explosive, the kind of back that does not really need the block, but just a step. We are inconsistent in our passing game. On defense, we have looked pretty good. Not sure what this week will bring for MP. Hoping for a close game, but Marshall seems to have everything clicking right now. I think we have the advantage at QB and RB, but I am hearing they are big and fast. Good luck to the rest of the district this week. Go Tigers!
  4. Wow. Here come the MP haters. I realize MP has struggled, but the defense is solid. They have been put in difficult situations because of turnovers that have given them short fields to defend. They battled with Jacksonville and Hallsville and stood their ground well. When you hold an opponent to 7 points, defense is not the issue. The offense turned the ball over with poor field position multiple times during the Jacksonville game and failed to punch the ball into the end zone from the 1 foot line. The defense is tough, the offense is explosive at times, but has struggled to put points
  5. Who you got in this one? I have no info about North Lamar this year and because of what happened Friday against North Forney I will spare you all any prediction on MP's behalf. I really thought we had some weapons on offense and maybe we do. Our defense.....??? Please share what you know about the Panthers. They were a solid team last year and put up 39 against the tigers. Who ya got in this week 2 match-up?
  6. MP has got a stable of lightning fast backs in the backfield. The quarterback is accurate on the short to intermediate routes and really looked sharp against PG. He also has wheels and will look to cause trouble when he pulls the ball down and runs while the defense is thinking pass. I know the falcons have some talent, but with a new coach I have to believe the stability at MP gives them the advantage. It will be a long night for the falcon defense as the "goons will struggle to stop the run game of the tigers. MP wins the first game of the season and then goes 2-0 with another win again
  7. North Forney travels to Mount Pleasant for the season opener. Randy Jackson takes over a struggling North Forney program. Mt. Pleasant showed tons of improvement last year and return a stable of skill players with lots of speed. Will North Forney struggle with a new system and coach? Will Mount Pleasant continue to show improvement? I expect North Forney will not handle the speed of Mount Pleasant. There is a lot of hype surrounding Jackson at North Forney, but it is just hype. NF will continue to struggle this season as they try to adapt to a new system. Mt. Pleasant will feature fa
  8. Be careful putting MP back down at the bottom of this list. I am not calling for a district championship, but this team has continued to improve since the new coach got comfortable. MP is the kind of team that scares me if I am a coach in this district. They have had some recent successes which can excite the kids and the community. Pre-district will reveal more about this sleeping giant.
  9. Mt. Pleasant currently sits at 0-3 going into this game against Jacksonville. It is Homecoming for the Tigers and they host their second opponent at home this week. Will the Tigers get their first win of the season or will Jacksonville be too much for the tigers for the third year in a row? MP comes off a loss against Sherman and Jacksonville defeated Hallsville on Friday night. Who you got?
  10. I am not sure about this one but I will stick with MP. I think they can score, but I have questions about the defense and stopping the big back from Sherman. Sherman also has a pretty good wideout. I thought North Lamar was not going to be that good, but they had a talented RB and QB. The back from Sherman may not be fast, but he is BIG and he runs hard. Anyone from Sulphur have any info about this kid? At the end of the day, I think the tigers get a win this week, but it will be a war. I think home field advantage gives MP the edge.
  11. I will take MP in this one. I heard that North Forney was more talented than expected. They had some real playmakers. I think the long delay must have impacted the focus of the tigers in this one. Penalties and turnovers took a toll on MP, but Friday the tigers clean up their game. North Lamar should have trouble stopping the young QB for Mt. Pleasant and the panthers soft D-line will be no match for the huge tiger offensive lineman. I expect MP to get some practice with their air attack this week as well. Expect big plays from the Tigers. Speed and size get the win in this one if the
  12. I think the tigers dominate North Forney. The tigers start their third year under Homer with a season opening win. The NF defense won't be able to track down the QB or the RB and when they finally do, it will be too late. I think the defense of the tigers is solid upfront and NF will struggle to move the ball on the ground. Expecting big things.
  13. This is gonna be a great week to watch. Here are my predictions and my humble opinion on what this week means for everyone. I will take Sherman over Sulphur. This is a big game for both teams. The Wilcats are trying to rebound after a horrible season last year. I think it will be a great game but Sherman will have more size and depth. If the Wildcats do pull this one out, watch for them to strongly content for the 4th playoff spot in this district. MP over North Forney This is a must win for the Tigers and if they get one away from home early on it will really boost their confi
  14. Thanks for the update from MP. Sounds like they may have put together something today against a quality Pleasant Grove team. It seems like the Hawks dominated the controlled scrimmage. Was it just turnovers that cost them during the live portion? Anyone know if North Forney has any weapons? Tigers are at Forney next Friday for the season opener.
  15. In the wild, don't Tigers eat birds? Tigers will get it going today against PG. #TIGERNATION
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