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  1. Good season. Stinks to lose right at the end but that was one heck of a game. Lindale fought till the last seconds. They still came close to scoring at the end but just couldn’t quite do it.
  2. I agree. I think Lindale could take it but will need to have a great game. Offense has been looking really good the past few weeks and the defense has had stretches where they look good but also times that they don’t. They held Pine Tree To the lowest score they’ve had all year( scoreless in the second half) last week. But then gave up 50 points to Jacksonville. I can’t even explain that smh. If the defense plays good next week I think we take the win
  3. This game was surprisingly a lot closer than I expected. Very high scoring. Happy to get the win though. Now on to the first round of the playoffs. Looks like we are gonna face Lamar Cons. Should be fun
  4. Lindale should take this one easily.
  5. Don’t worry Mavchamp I am selfish too and would also like to see Lindale win lol
  6. Well this isn’t a district championship game but it will probably decide who gets 3rd and 4th place. If Lindale plays the way I know they can then this will be a really good game. I just hope and pray Lindale comes out on top in the end. Thoughts?
  7. Lindale looked good tonight. Jordan Jenkins is a beast. Now we need to beat Pine Tree next week and hopefully at least take 3rd place
  8. https://lhseagle-eye.com/14717/sports/football-players-receive-d1-offers/
  9. Lindale had a slow start against Hallsville but came out and shut them out in the second half. Whitehouse will be a challenge but should be fun. I believe we will win but it will be tougher. Whitehouse barely beat Nac and we beat Nac 37-10. You can’t always go by how one team plays another but I do believe we give Whitehouse their first district loss. Thoughts?
  10. Well this game had me nervous at first. Honestly Hallsville looked bettter than us the first half. The second half though we turned it on and looked like a different team. Happy to get the win
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