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  1. You are correct, the both will have to be mirrored, and it will still be hard to stop.
  2. One of our coaches got hired in Longview. And yes he was a game changer as a freshman in 2A.
  3. Good game Timpson. Carlisle will be ok. We have only 3 Seniors that start. You guys over at T town have the talent to be right back there in Jerry World again this year. Good luck the rest of the season.
  4. Jane, I'm running out of battery I'll have to update you after a while
  5. Bussy just threw a TD pass. Like I said, gotta play keep away. Timpson 21 Carlisle 7
  6. Problem is gonna score their points. Bussy and Courtney are gonna get theirs. Just gotta try to play keep away.. ha
  7. Moving the ball now on Timpson 38 yard line. 3rd and 5.
  8. We had a good drive going with 4 first downs in field goal range and had a bad snap over QB head.Go figure.
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