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  1. Looking forward to watching some good teams play tomorrow, should be a very competitive tourney.
  2. Hope one of you guys is cottontop. Never heard of any of them, but I'm sure they will do a great job!
  3. John Paul ll in Plano has the best turf baseball field I have seen. Gilmer played Melissa there earlier this year.
  4. Curious who will be refs at Waskom's 7 on 7 tourney.
  5. Gilmer won two games against Hallsville yesterday. Really impressed with Hallsville's new school and turf practice field.
  6. Gilmer was missing about 8 players with baseball and track guys. Congrats to Gilmer's 8th grade on winning their division.
  7. Everything is under control now that Michelle has got nutrition in schools under control. I think that has been the problem all along. Just hope she doesn't find out about all those baseball teams eating bacon flavored sunflower seeds during their baseball games. This could get ugly and set the playoffs back a few days. (Crazier things have happened in Washington) lol
  8. I understand, I lived in Marshall for about three years in the early 80's and I know there are a lot of really good people there. I have driven through Atlanta a few times during rush hour and it was crazy! Don't blame you for wanting to move. Good luck.
  9. I don't blame you buddy, I would have caught that midnight train to Georgia myself. Glad it's you living in Atlanta and not me, that traffic is crazy and a lot of liberals in that area. lol
  10. I agree, I saw one of these games and you had guys out of high school and college playing against guys my age (55). Call me a wimp, but I think I will stick to running 100 mile races through the mountains, something you have to actually train for. lol
  11. Lol. Thanks, I couldn't believe what was happening last night, but I applaud Kilgore for playing till the last out.
  12. I figured if all the 3rd and 4th place teams buy playoff football shirts and saying the tradition starts now, why not tennis. lol
  13. Also had a boys doubles team place third at district tennis tourney.
  14. White Joke just can't stand it! By the way you are welcome to come to Gilmer's ring ceremony on Saturday night if you don't have any other plans.
  15. Buddy got out at the right time, he was fortunate to coach girls in a time where they were the only ones playing basketball year round. Now girls all over east texas are playing and playing field has been leveled. In my opinion he would not have made a difference with the Winnsboro program the last few years. My daughters team played Winnsboro eight times during her career and went 6-2 against Buddy's teams. Winnsboro let a good coach get away, who is now at Alba Golden. I think Buddy needs to come back and see how he would compete today, but he is smarter than that. It was always fun playing Winnsboro and getting to know their fans and see how they supported the Lady Raiders. Good luck!
  16. Chapel Hill is better than 0-7. They played Gilmer close in both games for 5 innings.
  17. ??????? I bet the WR's on that State Championship team are really torn up with this rivalry.
  18. Depends on the goals your daughter has for basketball. If she wants to play college basketball she needs to be playing on a team that plays in showcase events during the spring and summer. That would mean traveling to Dallas would be your best bet. If she just wants to play and get better for high school there are a few of those teams around East Texas. Don't know how old your daughter is or what her goals are, but we started traveling to Dallas when my daughter was in 6th grade and it was the best thing we ever did. PM me and I can give you information on local teams and teams in DFW area. Good luck!
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