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  1. Hey Greezychef that Buckley kid he also got a brother that will b a Freshmen next year he aint like his brother but he a shooter
  2. When they meet again i think it will b a different ballgame Shelbyville sure b ready for them.
  3. Shelbyville 5-0 Tenaha 4-1 Garrison 4-1 Woden 3-2 San Augustine 3-2 Timpson 1-4 Joaquin 0-5 Martinsville 0-5
  4. Hey Gen7Dragon u know who his people are from Shelbyville that played for Shelbyville
  5. What town u wouldn't mind having a State Basketball tournament
  6. What the standing for 21-2a boys basketball
  7. Do anybody know where Shelbyville Vs Evadale going to be played at and what time and date
  8. Can anybody update on the Tenaha Tournament
  9. Is this game going to be on the radio tonight if anybody know if anybody know can anybody tell me me what station
  10. How is Sville defense looking like since they lost there key players from last season
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