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  1. Well, they’ve been 4-0 a couple of times Before district playing teams weaker teams... but then district would come. They will have West Sabine, Lovelady and Tenaha that will be tough ones. We’ll see how it goes.
  2. Hopefully all will have the chance to play barring any Covid ####.
  3. WS has two RB’s that can take it to the house in a heartbeat and they passing game is solid, as well, from what Ives seen on film. Bearkats have not been harshly tested yet... they do have 4 picks... but WS brings back 10-10 and it will be a true test to see if that defense can make stops. The scoreless streak will end this week but they will have have to play mistake-free. The offense has been very straight forward Up to now... so since it’s the beginning of district I look for them to open up the mid-direction playbook the Flexbone offers up. Since they are new at this I e or the it
  4. West Sabine comes to town next Friday night...weather permitting. Should present the Bearkats with their toughest competition to date. The Bearkats are learning a new offense and making huge strides in being consistent running the ball and passing successfully when needing to. The Bearkats have 3 capable QBs if one goes down. All three have gotten reps in after the scores well in hand the last couple of weeks. Cushing’s defense has been the strength of the season so far. I expected Evadale to be better than they were last night.... the sure had the size and numbers... just hasn’
  5. I agree that it’s good for a team like QC to experience early success. I believe QC has talent that needs to be exploited but I believe the Frankston Indians will be too much for them this week.... Just because they lost to Huntington I t mean nothing....lol I work in the Lufkin area and can tell you the most relented players they have been available at Huntington we’re consistently passed up for starting roles due to politics.... for years. I believe Friday night’s game will be a good match between the two.... and it could go either way. I just stated what my feelings ar
  6. Mr. Vernon should not be a surprise being that Brikes is still there. He built Stephenville into a championship team on a consistent basis and we seen what he did with Baylor...minus the lack of control and instilling the values that young men should have towards women. I expected MV to go further than they did last year.... but that one transfer didn’t happen. JK I believe he’s a good coach and if he had the chance with another Power 5 conference team he would build them up into a winner, also.
  7. Cushing has given up 52 yards in the last two weeks... it was agains one team that has been traditionally weak as Cushing has been taking in their whole history.... and to top it off logistical problem with weather. Burkeville, being in their prime location in a hotbed of talent... most of their talent streams have either decided they will play at Hemphill or Newton minus the hall of fame coach Don Harper. For the Bearkats they will get tested a little more with Evadale who has been scrappy and good the last few years and will be playing in their second game. The next week gets
  8. Don’t think Evadale has been able to get a game in; Cushing is coming off of a wins against Deweyville 22-0 and 62-0. Both Deweyville and Burkeville have been through the weather gauntlet in recent weeks... hats off to both teams to finding a way to play the games. Although Evadale hadn’t been able to play, I expect the competition to go up ever so exponentially in the coming couple of weeks, then leveling off until the last two games of district with Lovelady then at “The Pit” in Tenaha.
  9. Not the double wing but the old Flexbone offense
  10. I’m going with the Sandies... but from what I understand Shelbyville not too shabby this year. First game mistakes.... whoever has the fewest and if the Dragons can contain Lamb.
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